Lenses change eye color — properties, reviews, price, photos

Many people now use contact lenses not only to see better, but also for a better look. You can slightly adjust your natural iris color or completely change it if you buy lenses that change eye color. There are several varieties of these devices.

Some devices have the ability to correct vision this option diopters. They help to fight diseases, improve quality of vision and change the color or enhance it. But for aesthetic functions are used options with no lenses, that is, they do not affect vision, and just make shade.

Contact lenses that change eye color

Линзы меняющие цвет глаз - свойства, отзывы, цена, фотоLenses that change eye color, photo which you can find on the net, for clarity, are as follows. Devices have such a texture that mimics the iris of eye body and creates the colors you need. This can be a natural color boost or radically change it. In this case, for this effect, the picture may be quite complex and unusual. It can be an image of the flag, cat eye, fire, and other items.

To create the pattern and color the entire plane of the instrument paint. Free and clear only the middle of the lens, which is located in front of the pupil. Can be masked brown eyes, making them bright green or pale blue.

To accentuate your natural shade choose options with a reinforcing effect. They are not so intensely colored, so skip a little bit of light. According to the recommendations of experts, they are safer for vision.

Many of these variants are made using hydrogels, therefore, their routine replacement occurs on average every month. Like normal lenses, care for their needs. Also to select fixtures is guided by all the rules. And in that case, if you need vision correction, you need to consult an ophthalmologist. Easy to use one-day variation. They don’t require care, and just change the next day after wearing it.

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There are a few points that you should know before using lenses for the correction of eye color:

  • choose the option properly, talking to your doctor. And this applies not only to cases when you have poor eyesight, you need to remember that the offset lenses will impair vision;
  • the plane of the device is painted and, as we have said, free remains only the part that is opposite the pupil. When you are in low light conditions, the pupil expands and can go beyond the free zone, with the result that you will be worse to see.

You should also consider all the disadvantages associated with the wearing of such items as lenses that change eye color. The reviews on them say that not every person with good vision can get used to a foreign body on the cornea.

Important! It is not recommended to use such lenses every day with normal visual function.

The cost

Линзы меняющие цвет глаз - свойства, отзывы, цена, фотоNow becoming more popular lenses that change eye color, their price is significantly different depending on many factors. First, it is the quality of the material, than it is better, more expensive product. It is possible to buy for 1000 rubles, and you can pay the same.

In many ways, the price depends on the manufacturer of the product. Thus, the German lenses have always been quality, so their price is high. In contrast to the Chinese products which are cheap, but their production was taken less than quality raw materials. For example, cheap Chinese lenses can be bought for 700 rubles.

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In the end, we emphasize the unique possibility offered by us describes the product. You can simply adjust your eye color or completely change it, and decorate in an unusual pattern. It’s an attractive proposition for those forced to use lenses for the correction. But as for healthy people, it is not necessary to abuse them. First, it is inconvenient, and secondly, if not properly maintained can be an infection and if incorrectly chosen option, you can impair the function of the visual organ.