Lenses children with myopia 1, 2 and 3 degree — photos, price

Myopia, or nearsightedness is a problem that is very rampant in comparison with other diseases of view, and its development may begin in adulthood and in childhood. Because the younger body is more susceptible to stress, including the eye, myopia, appeared in childhood, may progress quickly and lead to serious vision loss. Among a number of funds to get rid of the effect of myopia first place stably hold the lens: children with myopia it is very important to adjust the vision so that they are seen as well.

How to choose lenses with myopia in children of school age?

Most often, contact of a method of correction prescribed soft lenses, which have several advantages over glasses: they are more close to the eye, creating a single system more effectively and improving eyesight, eliminate any visual distortion, especially in side view, enlarge the area of the visual field, visually imperceptible when in use. When used properly, soft lenses with myopia in children do not cause discomfort, getting used to it happens quickly.

Линзы для детей при миопии 1,2,3 степени - фото, ценаBesides vision correction, these products contribute to the stabilization of myopia, which is very important, because the stop of further falls independently eliminates the need to use surgical methods for this.

When choosing jewelry for a child student should be guided by the following aspects:

  • matching diopter. Previously, the practice trend of incomplete correction, i.e. purpose lens with a weaker diopter to the eye muscles were strengthened and my vision has improved, now not common, and the products must adjust the visibility strictly to unity (default);
  • product type: lenses with myopia in children (pictures of products you see online) are removable and permanent. Removable types do not require special care: every day, put on a new pair, while products wearing should be stored in containers with a special fluid;
  • the presence or absence of an additional visual abnormalities can affect the selection: in some cases, for example, in case of strabismus, it is not recommended to use.

Important! The fitting needs to identify the full addictive eyes to a new sight and presence of foreign objects on the surface. Should not be sensations of burning, cutting and optical distortion. If they are, then, likely to have been inaccurately determined diopter.

How, when and why contact lenses are assigned to children, you can see from the following video:

Lenses children with myopia degree 2: features selection

Myopia of an average degree (from 3 to 6 diopters distortion) can be adjusted both glasses and lenses. The latter due to the snug fit form a larger radius appear to make the definition more high, and in the course of the research it was noted that the vision may be slightly improved, by about 0.1 diopter within six months of use. When you select should pay attention to the product Czech, German, English production: they have the highest quality, healthy and very easy to wear.

Is it possible to use lenses to children with myopia 3 degrees?

Линзы для детей при миопии 1,2,3 степени - фото, ценаIn cases of severe myopia (degree of distortion is more than 6 diopters) the lenses also help to correct the vision, but the extent of the disease requires constant supervision of an ophthalmologist. It is essential that in the course of using eyesight began to deteriorate again. Such a strong decrease leads to the fact that the lenses don’t work fully and to correct it is necessary to resort to surgical methods, which may not always apply to children. If the deterioration had started to make progress, it is possible to stop this process by scleroplastics. Lenses for children with high myopia will not help as good as glasses, so it makes sense to consider choosing the latter.

The cost will depend on several factors: the degree of myopia, the manufacturer of the lenses and where they purchased. Cheaper to buy them in the Internet opticians, which provides the largest selection at reasonable prices. Replacement types are more expensive, but they are considered better because when you use hygiene eye observed better. For buying regular lenses must be purchased and items to clean and care solution, containers, tongs, etc. On the degree of vision improvement, the specific types are not affected: they adjust equally well, as long as the lens was purchased in accordance with the prescription of an ophthalmologist.

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