Lenses farsightedness day, night — reviews, price

As is well known, contact lenses is one of the most popular methods of vision correction, it is the availability and relatively low cost. With their direct wear can be temporarily rid of defects of vision, however, finally solve the problem this way is unlikely. And, the less, lenses farsightedness are now in high demand, and people tend not to get rid of them throughout life.

Distinctive features

If dominated by certain eye problems, the choice of optics should carry out a narrow-profile specialist after a detailed diagnosis, and hyperopia is no exception from the rules. It is very important to choose the right indicator diopters, otherwise the increased load on the organ of vision will not only cause General discomfort, and provoke other eye diseases.

Линзы при дальнозоркости дневные, ночные - отзывы, ценаContact lenses for hyperopia have several variations, but especially in-demand soft and hard, day and night model. For everyday wear preference is desirable to give a mild form, because such optics with the right choice provides a stable therapeutic effect, eliminates infection, eye irritation. As for time of day, night lenses farsightedness used less frequently; they need to correct the shape of the cornea and its use does not require the wearing lenses day.

Contact lenses with hyperopia are presented in the range from + 20.0 to -20.0 diopters, and skilled ophthalmologists highly recommend the soft class of models. In addition to all the above advantages, they are much less likely to shift and fall out, comfortable for everyday wear, not so scrupulous in the care of how their hard «competitors».

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The issue price

Price lenses farsightedness primarily depends on the material production of a particular model. It is important to note that the representatives of the hard class much cheaper, but their sock often accompanied by not only a cosmetic defect, but also the exacerbation of infectious diseases of the eyes. In addition, you need to clearly observe the mode socks that in the conditions of casual employment is not always possible.

Линзы при дальнозоркости дневные, ночные - отзывы, ценаAs for the soft models, they are definitely more expensive, and the difference is noticeable when choosing. Do not skimp on your vision, the more the advantages of these models is obvious. Also the pricing depends on the brand and expiration date of the option, taste preferences, additional features and design.

For comparison it is necessary to cite a few examples.


  • Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys, 6peaces – from 1000 rubles;
  • CIBA Air Optix Aqua, 3 pieces – from 700 roubles;
  • Bausch + Lomb Pure Vision 2, 6peaces – from 1500 rubles;
  • SofLens Daily Disposable, 90 pieces (day) – 1600 rubles;
  • CIBA Dailies All Day Comfort, 90штук – from 2000 rubles.

All reported models have hypoallergenic gel based, so convenient and practical to put on, casual wear.

Important! Absolutely any lens require compliance with the expiration date. Otherwise, increased irritation, unpleasant feeling of itching and dry eyes provided.

Patient testimonials

Линзы при дальнозоркости дневные, ночные - отзывы, ценаContact lenses when presbyopia is also relevant, and patient testimonials are a clear proof. Of course, not everyone was able to restore sharpness of vision, however, this comfortable optical device much easier life, freed from many problems. In preference to soft models, which, although more expensive, is still not in doubt when buying. It is so carefully describe patients with impaired sharpness of vision. Hard lenses also do not gather dust on the shelves, but often causing much trouble to the owner.

In General, when buying lenses farsightedness and medical advice should be the decisive selection criterion. Moreover, it is required to be diagnosed, get a prescription and then go to the center of the optics. If time to visit the narrow specialist is sorely lacking in every medical center, a consultant with medical education, which will help to finally determine the choice.