Lenses increases eyes contact colored Korean — appointment, reviews, photos

Everyone knows that contact «correctors of view» replace the glasses, significantly improving the quality of vision of the surrounding world. In addition, they can change the natural eye color, giving the image the effect of novelty and surprise: it is a colored lens and lens with pictures. However, the advantages do not end there, because now is dominated by the lens magnifying eye — plain and colored. This is the newest technology developed in Korea that allows all interested girls to look of the doll.

What they need?

Линзы увеличивающие глаза контактные цветные корейские - назначение, отзывы, фотоDomestic buyers not so long ago discovered this innovative development of the field of ophthalmology. But the Korean girl is not the first year actively using this medical accomplishment, giving your appearance charming, charming, unique look.

Someone will ask, why do you need Korean lens magnifying eye? The answer is obvious: for beauty and create new ways. You can now fully transform into a fatal beauty without plastic surgery, because an updated perspective radically changes the picture, admires his reflection in the mirror.

However, it is important not to forget the main function of this optical device – Korean magnifying eye color lenses improve vision, increase its sharpness and is perfect for regular wear.

Important! To use such lenses can be daily, but at the same time to provide quality care, to follow all recommendations and instructions of narrow-profile specialist.

How to choose the right model and take care of her?

Korean contact lenses increase eye, can have multiple models, each of which specifies in detail the permissible period of wear, shelf life, the rules of care and maintenance.

If daily disposable contact lenses that increase the eye, then they need to be thrown away after the first use, otherwise you may experience dry eye, increased irritation, itching of the eyeballs, and redness of the eyelid skin. Care for them is not required.

Линзы увеличивающие глаза контактные цветные корейские - назначение, отзывы, фотоIf it is a reusable lens, magnifying eye, (photo is in the network), then at night, they should put it in a special solution, and in the morning again to put on with the purpose of correction of impaired vision. The expiration date immediately discarded, not to experiment with vision.

Choose the lenses that increase the eye, focusing on the reviews of those who already use. These tips boil down to the fact that before buying you want to determine the radius of curvature of the iris, and it needs to get personal advice of an ophthalmologist. Yes, and my purchase in General, it is desirable to check with a specialist.

If the patient’s vision is not impaired, Korean lenses, magnifying eye (photo is in the network), needed only for beauty, then you can ignore the indicator diopters. If problems still present, it is very important the diameter of the optic radius, which is traditionally determined by the physician.

Important! Most suitable the Chinese and Korean manufacturers is set by the parameter of 14.5 mm, which demonstrates the optimal value of the visual radius for all categories of patients.

If regular wear is present unpleasant feeling of itching and burning, it is best to choose a different model, not to worsen even more your own vision. Overall, this progressive solution has already interested many of today’s girls around the world and if you correctly identify the parameters and model, you can significantly appearance to correct, vision to improve, and significantly increase their self-esteem.

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