Lenses with myopia: diffuse, multifocal, contact, night — what are necessary for various degrees of myopia?

Correction of such diseases as myopia, is much more important and more responsible than with hyperopia. This is because along with it is necessary to think about prevention of the disease, because it often progresses, leading to a sharp decline in visual acuity and even to its complete loss. Myopia, especially high degree, causing changes in the fundus, and it requires treatment.

Restoring vision in such diseases can not be purely optical in nature, here the necessary remedial measures.

Which lenses for myopia can be used?

Линзы при близорукости: рассеивающие, мультифокальные, контактные, ночные - какие нужны для разной степени миопии?To improve vision in this disease, doctors may prescribe patients these types of contact lenses:

  • scattering lenses;
  • multifocal;
  • night lenses.

With optical correction use spread lenses for myopia. Such glasses can be weak or strong, so you should conduct a full examination and establish the degree of deterioration to choose the best option. In the selection of products takes into account the patient’s age, individual characteristics and other factors. If the points are selected, then the refraction is determined using a medication off muscle of accommodation. This is necessary to avoid the assignment minus of the glasses then when about myopia.

Such a development, as multifocal lenses, with myopia also used. They were created for those patients who have age-related farsightedness, but they need to see objects up close. But if the patient simultaneously suffers myopia, the case with optical devices is complex.

Important! Multifocal lenses were developed for simultaneous correction of hyperopia and myopia. The person perceives the world the way it is. This method is convenient for the patient.

Earlier this problem was solved by wearing the binocular glasses that allow you to see objects at any distance. Multifocal — an alternative to outdated methods. But wearing glasses is still very uncomfortable, they do not allow you to lead an active lifestyle. So continuously we are searching for ways to provide patients with vision disorders more perfect correction.

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Night lenses with myopia: feedback about this method

Now myopia is gaining a greater scale. This disease spreads very quickly and affects eyes than 60 % of pupils of the senior classes, for example Japan. But the scientists managed to invent a unique method of optical correction, taking advantage of not needing to wear glasses or use contact methods throughout the day, it is sufficient to apply them only at night, during sleep. This eliminates the need for surgery and expensive procedures. This method is called «orthokeratology».

Линзы при близорукости: рассеивающие, мультифокальные, контактные, ночные - какие нужны для разной степени миопии?Used night contact lenses for mild myopia and severe myopia. This is because they produce not only optical, but also the therapeutic effect on a patient’s eye, which is very important in childhood and adolescence. Today, anyone can afford to buy such products, they are affordable, long-term, and can be used from the age of six.

These contact devices are very similar to those using the day for correction. They are placed on the mucous membrane of the eyeball, but only at night. The peculiarity of these products, which allows to improve eyesight is the reverse of the geometric form and unique structure design. They are able to delicately affect the cornea of the eye, correcting her form, dividing it right. So, your vision will improve.

Judging by the responses of patients and professionals, this method stops the progression of the disease and allows daylight to dispense with any correction. The time required for exposure of such devices is approximately 8 hours. The shell, which during the night had made the right shape, which it retains throughout the whole day, allowing you to perfectly perceive the world around us. This period may last for two days depending on the individual patient. In addition, they do not cause such side effects as dry eyes, impaired oxygen exchange, and the exchange of tears, which gives a significant advantage over the standard options.

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Getting rid of myopia does not end on the optical correction. This disease tends to progress very quickly, so its development should be prevented. This is done through a combination of wearing glasses and other procedures, and also with the night view of recovery.