Lotions for the eyes from swelling, bruises, bags of tea, chamomile, salt: how to make them correctly

In our life many situations when circumstances require us to fast work pace, resulting in a constant lack of sleep and fatigue leave an imprint on the exterior. Often suffer eye, looking into which, you can immediately determine how he spent the night or how he feels. The condition of fatigue often appears bruised and swollen eyelids and swelling.

To get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of the external or internal factors will help lotions for the eyes. This procedure is mandatory in the care of the skin of the eyelids, it also helps to deal effectively with the above symptoms. How and what to do useful the compresses?

How to make lotions to the eye?

Примочки для глаз от отеков, синяков, мешков из чая, ромашки, солевые: как их правильно делатьFor starters, we should mention that lotions for the eyes, bruises or other problems are made of different components, depending on the symptoms and causes. Before the procedure, clean the face of makeup using the lotion or washing with a cold shower. Prepare a small piece of gauze fabric which will impose the decoctions and mixtures.

The lotions for the eyes are prepared using different recipes, depending on needs. Beauticians and doctors advise not to use a hot decoction for compresses, it is better to cool them to room temperature. Often use cold or even frozen liquid, to improve liquid circulation in tissues and their tone. Compresses doing in the supine position, after which you can make a mask for the skin around the eyes.

What lotions for the eyes are the most effective?

Примочки для глаз от отеков, синяков, мешков из чая, ромашки, солевые: как их правильно делатьLotions for the eyes, puffiness and bags prepared according to the following recipes:

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  • sewn from a soft fabric bags. They add chamomile flowers one teaspoon in each, and steamed them just like the tea bags, leaving the container with boiling water for 5-10 minutes. After they are slightly cool, place them on the eyes in the form of heat;
  • lotions from chamomile for eyes can be done the following way: a tablespoon of chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiled water. All insist on for 15 minutes and filtered. Wetted in this liquid cotton swabs and put them on your eyes for 5 minutes;
  • compress using a solution of 2% boric acid applied for 15 minutes;
  • a poultice of raw potatoes, grated on a grater, can be applied for 15 minutes;
  • you can mix the pulp of potatoes with raw chicken egg yolk, and then a quarter teaspoon of olive oil;
  • salt lotions for the eyes are also effective in this case. For their preparation in a glass of warm water dissolve a small amount of salt in solution wetted cotton swabs and apply them on the eyelids for 5 minutes.

If you are concerned about the puffiness in the morning, do not be lazy to take the time to compress and after a short time your appearance will improve dramatically.

Important! Lotions with components such as salt or boric acid need to be applied with extreme caution. If you get such a solution in the eye to avoid severe irritation.

Примочки для глаз от отеков, синяков, мешков из чая, ромашки, солевые: как их правильно делатьLotions for the eyes from fatigue and bruising under the eyes is also easy to prepare and use for this can be the most simple products:

  • lotions of tea to the eye have a positive effect on their appearance, relieving from bruises and dark circles. For this you can prepare a cool brew of black tea, Bay 25 grams of boiling water 5 grams of welding. It is necessary to insist 30 minutes and then apply to the eyelids with a cotton swab in the form of heat. It is possible to perform this procedure, using ready-made bags, pre-saparev them and letting it cool to the desired temperature;
  • cabbage juice applied to the eyelids with gauze will help to get rid of dark circles;
  • a very effective method is to compress badyagi. To do this, dissolve the powder in water and apply to eyelids. This substance will help to cope with fatigue, but you should avoid getting it into eyes;
  • known to be very effective way to lighten the skin, and not only in the area of the eye, is parsley. It can be used in the form of juice or finely powdered. Lotions from the pulp or juice is very effectively cope with bruises and dark circles and refresh the face. You must do them regularly, at least several times a week;
  • effectively and cool effects, but it should be not just cold, but ice made from decoction of medicinal herbs. For its preparation take the herb lemon balm, nettle, chamomile and sage, one teaspoon each, and fill them with water. Strain and freeze in molds for ice the resulting broth. They should wipe the eyelids in the morning so they looked good throughout the day.
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Can effectively deal with bags and darkening of the skin under the eyes at home. It is very simple and effective if procedures are carried out regularly. Use tea lotion for eyes or other means to relieve fatigue and to regain an attractive appearance.