Lutein-Complex vitamins for Children’s eyes: manual, price and analogues

Lutein Complex Kids is a tool designed to provide the normal functioning of the body, improve metabolism, protect the eyes and reduce the risk of development of eye diseases in children.

Pharmacological action

The drug has antioxidant properties, protects the body from negative influence of free radicals, prevents development of eye diseases in children, such as myopia, which is associated with high loads on the eyes. The remedy exerts its effect through a set of its constituent minerals.

The composition and form of issue

Available in tablets, the amount of which the packing is 30 pieces. Each tablet contains:

  • Лютеин-Комплекс Детский витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиlutein provides the eyes protection from ultraviolet radiation, preventing such processes as destruction of the retina and clouding of the lens;
  • lycopene – provides antioxidant effect, protects the retina from damage, helps to normalize the pressure inside the eye, improving the flow of the liquid;
  • zeaxanthin is produced from lutein and has the same properties;
  • extract of blueberries – thanks to the anthocyanins can improve the vision and enhance adaptation in the dark (or poor light);
  • vitamin C – enhances the effects of antioxidants and accelerates the recovery processes;
  • vitamin a – improves eye adaptation to the dark improves the perception of colors and leads to normal recovery processes;
  • vitamin E – helps to improve metabolism and regeneration of damaged eye tissues, and reduces the fragility of blood vessels;
  • taurine – promotes cell renewal and improves the metabolic processes in the eye tissues;
  • zinc contributes to the maintenance of vitamin A and improves the adaptation of vision in the dark.
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Indications for use

Used for children:

  • in myopia of various degrees;
  • to prevent the development of diseases of the eye;
  • in the treatment of diseases of the eye (degenerative or inflammatory);
  • as an additional source of important micronutrients for the eyes.

Method of application

Лютеин-Комплекс Детский витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиChildren from 7 to 10 years should day take 2 pills. Children older than 11 years – 3 tablets.

Taking vitamins is together with meals. Course duration is 1 month (it can be repeated, if necessary).


It is not recommended to apply the complex case of hypersensitivity to its component substances. It is also important to take vitamins only after consulting a doctor.

Side effects

By taking this complex may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, to apply the remedy in case of intolerance to its components should not be.


Any information on the overdose of complex data are not available. However, it is important to follow the recommended dosage.

Interaction with other drugs

Specific data about the interaction of these vitamins with other drugs are not available. But it is not recommended to take them together with other multivitamins that may otherwise occur gipervitaminoz.

Special instructions

This is not a cure for this reason may not replace prescribed treatment. Its shelf life is 2 years. To store the vitamins you need at room temperature and where they will not be able to reach children.


Лютеин-Комплекс Детский витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиAs the same may be used:

  • The Anthocyan Forte;
  • Kuwait Lutein;
  • Nutri Total;
  • Vitrum Vision;
  • Multicam Syrup;
  • Complivit Ophtalmo;
  • Bilberry Forte.

Order to replace the vitamins on the analogues is not recommended. You should consult a doctor.

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The price of these vitamins at pharmacies in Russia is 220 to 240 rubles.