Lutein Forte eye vitamins: manual, price and analogues

Лютеин форте витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиLutein Forte is a unique formula that protects your eyes from the damaging influences (UV radiation, infections, etc.). Therefore, the main indications for the use of Lutein Forte are:

  • age-related changes of the retina;
  • macular dystrophy;
  • warning degenerative changes of the mesh and other membranes of the eye;
  • myopia, especially complicated;
  • defeat the optic nerve of various origins;
  • the period of rehabilitation after inflammatory processes of the eye;
  • in the postoperative period after surgical interventions in ophthalmology.

Drug Lutein Forte has the following therapeutic properties:

  • update of the visual pigments necessary for normal functioning of the eye (these substances can not be formed in the body, so they must come from food, medicines, etc.);
  • protection against oxidant – substances that can damage the eyes due to the presence of free pairs of electrons;
  • the restoration of normal microcirculation;
  • improve flow of metabolic reactions that produce energy needed to perform a variety of functions in the body.
  • The composition and form of issue

    Лютеин форте витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиThe chemical composition of the drug Lutein Forte includes the following components:

    • lutein;
    • carotene;
    • zeaxanthin;
    • tocopherol;
    • ascorbic acid;
    • taurine;
    • selenium;
    • chrome;
    • zinc;
    • flavonoids;
    • copper.

    Thus, the composition of Lutein Forte contains plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

    Dosage form of the drug Lutein Forte is a pill. One pack contains 30 capsules. This is the minimum course of treatment.

    Method of application

    Method of application Lutein Forte is carried out as follows:

    • the drug should be taken twice during the day;
    • at one time it is necessary to drink one capsule of the drug;
    • the optimal time for taking the capsules is the meal;
    • the treatment course should last one month. If the doctor deems it necessary, the course may be extended, or after some time it can be repeated to improve therapeutic efficacy.
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    Лютеин форте витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиTo start taking Lutein Forte without consultation of doctor is not recommended. The ophthalmologist evaluates the presence of possible contraindications.

    The most common is intolerance to one or the other components of the drug.

    Side effects

    In the treatment of drug Lutein Forte side effects were not observed. This demonstrates the good tolerability of this tool, so it enjoys great popularity among doctors and patients.

    Special instructions

    Special instructions must be respected during treatment Lutein Forte. They are as follows:

  • these capsules can be taken by adults and children older than 14 years;
  • overdose symptoms when adhering to the recommended doses has not been registered;
  • in interaction with other medicinal products Lutein Forte does not enter, so it can be combined with other pharmacological agents;
  • the place of storage of the drug has such characteristics as minimal humidity, no direct sunlight, temperatures below 25 degrees;
  • the duration of storage should not exceed 2 years.
  • Analogues

    Some analogues Lutein Forte have a similar metabolic effect, but they may have different qualitative and quantitative composition symptom. The replacement of one drug to others should produce a doctor who takes into account all the nuances of this process.

    Лютеин форте витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиBasic analog drugs are:

    • Lutein Complex;
    • The Anthocyan Forte;
    • Complivit Ophtalmo;
    • Bilberry Forte;
    • Nutri Total;
    • Vitrum Vision;
    • Kuwait Lutein;
    • Multicam syrup.


    The price of Lutein Forte can range from 300 to 400 rubles. That is the value of offering the pharmacy chain of Russia.