Massage glasses eye doctors reviews, description, contraindications, photos, video, price

In recent years, harmful eye strain only increases. An additional risk factor, in addition to office work at the computer, many smartphones and tablet computers, dramatically increasing the presence of people on the Internet. Thus, static eye strain due to the use of gadgets and computer becomes a cause of myopia development and expansion of risk areas for the development of more dangerous eye diseases.

How does it work?

If you are not able to significantly limit the communication with a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you need additional eye protection. And this means extra protection can be massage eye glasses is a relatively new and very interesting physical instrument. Their ancestry, these devices are from gel masks for eyes, which are used as cold or warm compresses. However, eye massager turned out to be much smarter and more diverse in its capabilities.Массажные очки для глаз - отзывы врачей, описание, противопоказания, фото, видео, цена

Massage glasses is a high — tech device, which includes a set of several effects.

Main functions:

  • air-compression or vacuum massage;
  • magnetic effect;
  • vibrating massage;
  • the thermal effect.

Массажные очки для глаз - отзывы врачей, описание, противопоказания, фото, видео, ценаThe massager has an impact on the active points around the eyes: the eyelids, the muscles around the eyes, on the muscles of the eyeball. Due to the integrated effects relieves nervous tension and fatigue of the eye muscles, relaxes the eye and restore visual function.

In various configurations of points possible from two to 4 functions, with each additional effect increases the cost of the massager. The simplest models have a vibration and magnetic effect. The price of these massage glasses eyes below — 3000 — 3500 roubles. Heat and compression functions of the simulator to increase its price and efficiency.

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As a nice extra functions points can be complemented by player to listen to relaxing music and programmability of the types of massage. The cost of the massage points, which includes all possible functions that normally varies from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. The price depends on the manufacturer, number of settings, the availability of wireless communication and other features of the physical device.

Use, that can’t be challenged

Any description massage glasses eye shows the seriousness and complexity of the device. But for whom is it useful? The main indication to begin using a massage glasses fatigue the eye. If the end of the day look beavertail, and before the eyes appear «web» is a signal that the vision brought to the limit, eyes need extra protection. If you reduce the visual load is impossible, the massage points can all help to restore visual function and, although they are not a panacea, doctors say that massage eye glasses in many cases are the best therapeutic tool.

Массажные очки для глаз - отзывы врачей, описание, противопоказания, фото, видео, цена

Their use has proved its efficiency:

  • of chronic fatigue of eyes;
  • in the case of the first signs of vision deterioration.
  • to counter the first manifestation and prevention of dry eye syndrome.
  • to prevent hyperopia and myopia;
  • to improve the quality of vision.

In General, almost anyone can benefit from massage.

Important! As with any device that have a physiological effect on the body, consultation with a doctor is important. Ophthalmologist can not only recommend the device for use, but also to give advice on the modes of operation and recommended types of massage.

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The majority of the negative reviews about massage glasses eyes are due to abuse massage or incorrect use of the device.

Relax together with your eyes

Most often, the reviews about the massage glasses for eyes range from bright and positive to indifferent. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the therapeutic effect of them is, and often it is very noticeable.

Important! Using massage eye glasses, you need to consider that the contraindications to each type of massage can be different. In any case, these include high myopia, retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts.

On how to properly use massage glasses eye, can be seen on photos and videos. On the Internet there are a large number of interesting pictures, showing the benefits of massage glasses eye.

Learn more about what massage eye glasses and how they work, you can see from the video:

In fact described the massager is a small home-SPA centre massage eye. All types of massage are similar to certain treatments in the salon. In order to enjoy the fun and benefits of these procedures at home was maximum, be sure to pick the model with the greatest number of useful features. All possible effects, smooth controls, programming functions will greatly increase the effect of these useful procedures.