Matsuda (Matsuda) computer glasses — selection rules, reviews, price

Working computer monitor, it is a source of danger to the eye. This is due to the blue radiation that emanates from the screen as well as ultraviolet radiation. These negative factors are only amplified when the fluorescent lights.

Intense and continuous operation, combined with the influence of radiation causes rapid fatigue, headache, pain in the eyes and increased lacrimation. All of this in the future may trigger the development of eye diseases. That is why you should take protective measures and use special computer glasses Matsuda.

How to choose?

Before you give preference to one or another variant, you need to pay attention to the following selection rules:

  • you need to get your eyes checked every year to determine lens;
  • you need to decide when you are most needed such protection;
  • pick a frame that will suit your type of person in order to purchase products on prescription.

Matsuda (Матсуда) очки для компьютера - правила выбора, отзывы, ценаComputer glasses Matsuda is quite popular, and their price ranges between 900 roubles; they have a stylish frame, variety design and high quality of lenses in addition, they are comfortable to wear and durable.

Rim, which you will give preference should suit you not only on the type face, colour of hair, skin. Contact your consultant and he will help you to choose the appropriate option. Glasses should sit comfortably on you not to pinch whisky and nose and don’t fall down.

Style points (I must say that the distinctive feature of this brand is the pearly color of the rims) should fit in the clothes you wear. Of course, this rule is more for those who work in the office, not home users.

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Guided by all the rules, you will be able to choose the best option to use. With regard to the said company, its products are in great demand, and why is prompt feedback of those who use them are already using.

Computer glasses Matsuda: user reviews

As evidenced by buyers who have a preference for firm Matsuda, computer glasses from this manufacturer have a beneficial effect on vision during a long stay at the monitor. Glasses great relieve eye fatigue, and when the person does not feel a sense of drowsiness. They also prevent the appearance of dry eye syndrome. Lenses able to pass the yellow spectrum, holding at the same time ultraviolet radiation and blue part of the spectrum.

Matsuda (Матсуда) очки для компьютера - правила выбора, отзывы, ценаThe operability of the user significantly increases when wearing these glasses. In addition it improves visual acuity play a regenerative role relative to the ocular tissues. Lenses pass and the green part of the spectrum, which improves the perception of colors.

The screen brightness is reduced, this is achieved by light absorption coating, which is present on the glass. It helps to clearly perceive an image that is very important if your work involves, for example, with the design. The filters that are present on the glass from this manufacturer, developed the technique of multilayer deposition, which is why they are so good with your features. The same principle works and other computer glasses — Gunnar, Orient and others.

Important! The wearing of such products is shown to all PC users, from adults to children. They needed people who work 8 hours a day and those who like to play games.

But it is necessary to remember that the duration of continuous operation of the glasses is established individually in relation to each patient by the treating doctor. And these recommendations must adhere to, since they are developed based on the state vision and the user’s eyes.