Moisturizing eye drops — purpose, best, price, reviews

Very often at a high visual load eyes need to rest or at least a short break that will relieve fatigue, tension, pain, ripples. For example, doctors recommend to perform basic eye exercises every 20 minutes to stay in front of the monitor, but also have high effectiveness in moisturizing eye drops that every pharmacy OTC, act specifically on the cornea.Увлажняющие капли для глаз - назначение, лучшие виды, цена, отзывы

Rules for the selection of eye drops

Not worth buying a cheap moisturising eye drops, it’s not the price should be the determining factor of purchase. In this case, it is desirable to be guided by personal recommendations of a knowledgeable ophthalmologist, the following evaluation criteria:

  • Composition. It is important to study the manual, paying attention to all the contraindications, side effects that may occur on the background of the chosen treatment.
  • Age limits. In this case we are talking about children, pregnant women, young mothers, who are allowed to use not all medicines, even local effects.
  • Testimony. If a person chooses eye drops to soothe strained eyes, then this item should be negotiated when indicated, otherwise the desired preventive effect can be achieved.
  • Important! Only after consulting with your doctor and carefully read the instructions, you can decide which best moisturizing eye drops.

    A rich selection of eye drops

    Many patients, choosing moisturizing eye drops, reviews of the former buyers are studying many sites of the network. There is a sense of proportion, but still to guide the selection of the desirable requirements of an ophthalmologist and testimony. The most effective are the following drugs:

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    Visine is a gentle drops for «tired» eyes with a soft action and without side effects. This medication was the constant companion of accountants, programmers, journalists, teachers, as these and other occupations require high tension eye forced vision most of the day. Carry out the procedure can be an unlimited number of times, each time burying each conjunctive bag a couple of drops of Visine. Relief occurs within 5 – 10 minutes, there is a clear vision, disappears ripple voltage.Увлажняющие капли для глаз - назначение, лучшие виды, цена, отзывы

    Sisomicin – analogue Visine, which, as ceratopetalum, eliminates «dry eye syndrome», normalizes the lacrimal gland. This medication has no side effects and contraindications, just a few drops of medication that already through 5 – 7 minutes passed irritation, burning, ripples in the eyes. Also relevant is the appointment conjunctivitis, cataract, but only as part of complex treatment, as an additional means.

    Axial is another moisturizing pharmaceutical preparation based on hyaluronic acid. Its primary action is directed at eliminating dryness, irritation of the eyes, fast regeneration of cells of the cornea, inflammation. The drug is used in a similar way, has no side effects. Also excluded cases of overdose, so repeat the procedure allowed an unlimited number of times per day.Увлажняющие капли для глаз - назначение, лучшие виды, цена, отзывы

    Hilo-the chest is most often used in conjunction with contact lenses and need this medication to help prevent dryness and irritation, if mechanical trauma or burns of the cornea. These eye drops eliminate the inflammation, relieve redness, relieve allergic, local reactions. 1 – 2 drops in each eye, and visual acuity returns immediately.

    Systane Ultra is a polymeric solution that does not violate the structure of the cornea of the eye, relieves symptoms of Allergy, inflammation, moisturizes and nourishes the eye vitamins. This comprehensive exposure will allow you to keep the vision even in aggressive conditions, in addition, use of this local remedy daily without harm to health.

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    Innoxa is a hypoallergenic solution that has natural ingredients from medicinal plants. Its therapeutic and prophylactic action aimed at the elimination of symptoms, increased dryness, irritation, relief, and ensuring the rest of the eye. Medication works immediately after a single procedure, long-term work at the computer is no longer scary eyes.

    Teardrop natural is entirely analogous to human tears, which provides high-quality moisturizing eye. Absolutely safe medicinal and prophylactic means, which is assigned from the first days of life, for all categories of patients. It must necessarily be present in every family medicine Cabinet, because it acts gently and purposefully on a dry cornea.Увлажняющие капли для глаз - назначение, лучшие виды, цена, отзывы

    If you need moisturizing eye drops, the price of such medicines depends on the manufacturer, chemical composition, amount of medication, purpose and range of action. On average, the above medicines cost in the range of 200 – 800 rubles, but the selection in any individual case. The most affordable will still vizin and Axial.

    Important! Selecting rewetting drops, need to be guided by the quality of the drug and even if it fits you, and not focus only on the cost!

    Due to the lack of side effects and contraindications before taking there is no fear of a sharp deterioration, landing vision and other abnormalities, but the therapeutic effect is obvious already after the first procedure.