Night lenses to restore vision hard contact — reviews of doctors, price

One way to correct vision without surgery is orthokeratology (vision correction using night lenses). This procedure involves dressing up for a night of hard variants having gas permeable property. This method allows the person to adjust the health in the daytime without any items optics.

In each case, patients have to perform this procedure every night or one time, depending on the image quality for these days. But the effect of this adjustment is invertible, and this means that the procedure must be performed regularly. Let’s consider the principle of operation of OK-therapy, as well as its cost and the reviews about it from patients and experts in the field of ophthalmology.

Night lenses to restore vision: working principle

Ночные линзы для восстановления зрения контактные жесткие - отзывы врачей, ценаNight lenses to improve vision work like this: the man wears them at night and sleeps on average from 6 to 10 hours. This time is enough for exposure. The essence of therapy is the impact on the center of the surface of the cornea. This leads to the fact that the plot becomes flat and all of his Horny cells move to the periphery during sleep.

To do this, use the rigid night lenses for vision correction, they help to focus the image on the changed areas. And this form keeps the cornea the next day or several days, depending on the individual patient.

Important! After a certain period, the effect of therapy disappears, it is necessary to adjust the function of the visual organs. Only regular use of the methods of therapy can enable a person to maintain a normal quality eye health when it worsens.

Action OK-therapy is somewhat similar to the laser technique correction, but when using this method, the effect, when moving dead skin cells and when exposed to laser, they are simply eliminated from the surface of the eye.

This method is suitable for the correction of vision in children, ranging from six years, especially in progressive myopia. And for adults age restrictions this method does not imply.

Night lenses to restore vision: feedback from doctors and patients

Before you can use night contact lenses for vision correction, specialists and doctors, it is very important to study in order to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this method.

Ночные линзы для восстановления зрения контактные жесткие - отзывы врачей, ценаAdvantages of the procedure significantly exceed the negative side of the treatment, they are this:

  • easy to use. You only need to put rigid contact means on the night of the eye and in the morning, take them out, put back in a special solution;
  • the shape and texture of the material of such optical objects, prevents sticking, so you can remove them very easily;
  • with regular use of this method, the tearing eventually comes back to normal;
  • the material has good permeability, and this allows the cornea to experience shortages of air throughout the night;
  • the integrity of the stratum corneum of the eye with correction does not in any way disturbed.

But, as with any treatment, this therapy has some disadvantages:

  • for used products should look like a normal;
  • the material is brittle, if dropped it can shatter;
  • the likelihood of side effects, that may manifest itself in swelling of the membrane of the eye, corneal erosion, epiteliopatia, astigmatism, infection and shifted the pressure zone.

These lenses will last the patient for 3 years under regular use, but the advantage or disadvantage — everyone decides for himself.

Important! As evidenced by the recommendations of doctors to choose lenses, you should visit your ophthalmologist and ask him for advice. Only a doctor can help to choose the right product.

To learn more about orthokeratology from the following video:

Night lenses to restore vision: price therapy

Orthokeratology is an expensive method of correction. Themselves night contact lenses for vision correction are not so expensive, but will have to spend time and money on specialists, a full study, after which you will pick up the necessary lenses, corrective vision night. At first, you need regular visits to a specialist and, on average, the cost of such treatment can cost just half the price than laser correction.

But the life of the lenses is big enough and you don’t have to constantly spend money on new purchases, you only have to care for them. This allows you to do what you love and clearly perceive the world without any means of contact correction without any inconvenience. This is the main advantage of such treatment.

Many patients testify to the extraordinary effectiveness of such treatment. They can normally see during the day or even several days, without resorting to wearing glasses. This is what makes oak such a popular therapy among people suffering from impaired function of the eye.

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