Night vision correction — contra-indications, photos, video, price

Oddly enough, but in extensive ophthalmic practice, especially in demand night vision correction, or as it is called scientifically, corneal refractive therapy (RTR). This is probably the most progressive method of successful treatment of hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia at any age; but the innovation is that the desired effect is achieved by donning special lenses at night.


Night vision correction (orthokeratology) has only positive reviews, because the therapeutic effect is characteristic only of the phase of sleep, while sleeping, the patient does not experience discomfort, inconvenience, stress, irritation of the visual organs.

Ночная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, фото, видео, ценаThis result is achieved only due to the special lenses that you want to wear at night. After waking up vision becomes 100%, and the lack of this effect for 24 hours, then again is required to wear night lenses. Explains this phenomenon is simple: a progressive optical device has two membranes – inner and outer. The first has a direct impact on the tear film surface modifying the topography of the cornea; and the second intensely refracts the light, provides 100% vision. After removing the lens remains the effect of changing the optical power of the cornea, and the patient with astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia begins beautiful to see.

Important! Night vision correction helps to restore the sight imperceptibly, and in the afternoon don’t need to carry any optical devices to better distinguish the surrounding objects.


Many patients ophthalmologist already interested in night vision correction, the price is more affordable compared to surgeries laser. However, it is very important to consult a narrow specialist on the subject of limits. Yes, this technique is still not perfect, so it is allowed not to everyone.

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So, it is advisable to abandon it in the following clinical pictures:

  • chronic diseases of the anterior segment of the eye;
  • inflammatory diseases of eyes, skin;
  • chronic disease of the organ of vision in the stage of relapse.

Important! Not everyone fits night vision correction, and contraindications can develop into serious complications, which are often represented by inflammation, increased swelling, and even erosion, which adversely affects the sharpness of vision.

Key benefits

If the choice of the patient is night vision correction, videos and pictures presented in a new light, but the professional ophthalmologists agree on other advantages of this optical device.

Ночная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, фото, видео, ценаThis:

  • invisible healing process during sleep;
  • treatment without additional surgical intervention;
  • the convenience and practicality of socks;
  • great for athletes and those with active lifestyle;
  • a long term use;
  • soft and purposeful influence on the pathological focus;
  • permission to use for all ages;
  • the financial benefit.

For many, this is an ideal method of vision correction. Planning to use it, it is worth remembering that these progressive models have a shelf life indicated on the packaging or detailed instructions. Should not exceed, otherwise a therapeutic effect on the eye very soon will be replaced by side effects, in particular, redness of the eyeball, syndrome, dry eye, increased lacrimation and a sense of General discomfort. In addition, such lenses are used only by the doctor and regular checkups by an ophthalmologist should be the rule.

More about the use of night vision correction, you will learn from the following video: