Okoferon eye drops: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Okoferon is a drug used in ophthalmology. Its main therapeutic activity is the regulation of local immune responses. Therefore, this drug is used primarily for the treatment of viral diseases of structures of the eyeball.

The composition and form of issue

Окоферон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe main active substance Okoferon is human recombinant interferon. He has immunomodulatory effects. Per ml of eye drops contains about 200 thousand international units of the substance. In addition to interferon in the composition of the ophthalmic drug there are excipients that prevent the destruction of the main component and allow it for a long time to preserve their therapeutic properties.

Before using the eye drops you need to prepare. To do this, take one vial of powder and solvent that are contained in the package. All thoroughly mixed until complete dissolution, and then buried.

Method of application

Method of application of eye drops Okoferon as follows:

  • mix the lyophilisate with the solvent;
  • wear a special dropper on the bottle;
  • single dose of one drop (buried in both eyes);
  • the interval between the instillation should be 2 hours, decreasing clinical manifestations of frequency of instillation of the drug is reduced;
  • the course of treatment is determined individually, on average it is between one and a half weeks.


Окоферон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиBefore treatment takes into account the contraindications, to prevent the development of serious complications. This process takes ophthalmologist. The main contraindications are:

  • hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, which can develop in some patients;
  • caution is prescribed during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

The treatment according to the drug very rarely can register these or other side effects. These include:

  • allergic intolerance (swelling, redness, rash on the eyelids);
  • the foreign body sensation after instillation;
  • blurred vision etc.
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It should be noted that the appearance of at least one of the above symptoms, you must consult your doctor to decide on possible further application of the funds.

Special instructions

Окоферон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиIn the process of treatment Ochoterena must adhere to specific instructions, which will improve therapeutic efficiency and minimize the number and severity of side effects.

The key recommendations are:

  • you have to keep the storage temperature which should be between 4-10º 0º above;
  • open vial can be stored for 4 weeks;
  • the closed vial is stored for 2 years;
  • optionally, the instillation of another drug interval should be 20-30 minutes.


Anton, 23 years

«I drop Okoferon buried with viral conjunctivitis with antibiotics. Effectively managed the disease. Eyedropper but they are not convenient, each time it is necessary to open, close».

Tatyana, 29 years old

«Waking up in the morning noticed that his eyes were red and some discharge. Ran to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed it as viral conjunctivitis and gave me drops Okoferon. Said that they are going to do well with such diseases. I can say that the tool is not cheap. But that would spoil it takes work. There are two bottle, which must be carefully open and mix. Yes, even the lid-dropper to put on. Keep the preparation you need in the refrigerator only. I note that the drops are effective, but very easy to use».


The main ones are drugs such as:

  • Ophthalmoferon;
  • Aktipol;
  • Poludan and some others.


The cost of the drug Okoferon is 400-550 roubles.