Operation to change the color of the human eye purpose, cost, reviews, videos

If your eyes color does not seem attractive if there are problems with the iris of the eye, if you like the radical change in appearance, no doubt you are interested in surgery to change eye color. Their development ended in the US a few years ago. And now the specific service offered on the market of medical services of the New world.

Why change the eye color?

Операция по смене цвета глаз человека - назначение, стоимость, отзывы, видеоThe main purpose for which designed operation to change the color of the human eye — the treatment of the iris, or its complete absence. As you know, the iris restricts the light flux passing through the lens and thereby helps to focus it. In that case, if due to congenital defects of the iris allows light the quality of vision is markedly reduced. In addition, there is a large number of pathologies of the iris, which adversely affect the aesthetic perception of the eye. Then the operation addresses these issues partially or completely.

Operations are often done solely for cosmetic purposes. Thus, it is possible to change any eye color as natural and radical. Those wishing to undertake this process was a lot of it is cosmetic component was most needed. The developer of a new surgical procedure, the company Bright Ocular began to receive orders from all over the world, earning millions. Price change operation eye color 4-5$ thousand.

It is believed that in case of occurrence in the Russian market operations for changing the eye color, the cost will be reduced to two relative overseas.

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How is the operation?

At its core, it resembles the operation to replace the lens, but in this case, the goal is to put between the cornea and the iris silicone implant – a round flexible plate with a hole for the lens. The implant is painted in the desired color, and it is, in fact, replaces the iris.

There are a large number of video operations for changing eye color, which are clearly understandable operation. The iris, near its base a small incision is made allowing access to the iris of the eye, through this incision, a special tool is placed and carefully unfolds a silicone implant. In principle, this is almost the entire operation that creates the desired effect. After about 15 minutes operation, under local anesthesia, is completed.

On completion of the operation for changing the color of the iris, eye photos before and after look impressive.

Important! The recovery process after this surgery will be about 2 months.

Possible effects of surgery

Before you feel admiration for new ophthalmic technologies, is anxious to read some of the testimonials about change operation eye color.

A list about the possible negative consequences of the operation, considerably exceed the number of advantages:

  • Changed eyes look unnatural as the silicone implant has no particular pattern.
  • The eye is placed a foreign body, which can cause increased tear production, but later lead to dry eye syndrome.
  • Surgery can lead to increased eye pressure and development of glaucoma.
  • In many cases, the operation leads to partial or complete blindness. Very often, the development of the disease the implant is removed.
  • The long period of rehabilitation even when replacing the lens it is no more than weeks.
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    From the operation, refused to even raise her surgeon in the US there have been numerous lawsuits, and most likely it will be a total ban worldwide, but yet the most desperate, ignoring the obvious risk, spend a lot of money on surgery, the outcome of which can become very sad.

    To have an idea about how you do surgery to change eye color, we recommend you to view the following video: