Operation to restore vision — contraindications, cost, videos, reviews

Quite an effective method of treatment is surgery to restore vision, which is carried out by qualified specialists. Of course, morally to decide on such a dangerous surgery is very difficult and scary, and the financial resources do not always allow, but the actual odds of the final recovery is still quite high.

Types of operations

Операция по восстановлению зрения - противопоказания, стоимость, видео, отзывыWhen you select the operation to restore vision the cost of procedure is an important issue of interest to each patient. That is where there is a choice, and to ask the price, discuss the readings with your doctor, to minimize the risk of complications.

As practice shows, laser surgery to restore vision is particularly popular due to the minimum list of contraindications and side effects. Patients are offered two methods, each of which has its own specifics:

Method LASIK combines in one procedure excimer laser and microsurgery. More layers of the cornea are stored, so the recovery period is less painful for the patient. This surgery is computerized, and a special program adapts to each patient.

PRK method is considered to be already «obsolete» because of its almost fully supplanted the innovative technology LASIK. He is the complete excision of the deformation of the cornea by evaporation of its tissues. The rehabilitation period is painful, so the patient will have to suffer the pain for a few days, but the procedure is much cheaper.

The first operation to restore vision feedback is only positive, but when the second, many clinical patients have dissatisfaction, the General as long can go back to normal.

Important! When you select this operation you need to check with the doctor all the details, possible complications and side effects that any deviations were not unpleasant «surprise».

Contraindications to

Any surgery to restore vision has contraindications that should be discussed with an ophthalmologist. As practice shows, not all patients are allowed such manipulation, and some of them can even harm, to aggravate the prevailing clinical picture.

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The following restrictions apply:

  • progressive myopia;
  • dry eye syndrome;
  • farsightedness;
  • too thin cornea;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation;
  • glaucoma;
  • atrophy of the optic nerve;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • a retinal detachment.

Identify the contraindications of the patient is necessary, as recovery of vision may not occur, but the complications in these clinical pictures are provided. Therefore, pre-consultation is not just important, but essential.

Possible health complications

If there is any doubt whether or not the operation to restore vision, online video help you decide on a procedure. Actually, if you strictly comply with all medical advice, complications will not occur, and the final recovery will be obvious immediately after a short rehabilitation period.

Операция по восстановлению зрения - противопоказания, стоимость, видео, отзывыIt is also possible that after surgery to restore vision there are certain problems with health.

As a rule, it is:

  • the violation of intraocular pressure, which prevents timely detection of glaucoma;
  • thinning of the cornea;
  • intraocular hemorrhage;
  • clouding of the eyes;
  • the lack of positive dynamics.

Important! If you encounter such anomalies clearly can not do without medical involvement. The delay in this matter is fraught with serious visual loss.

Preparations for the operation

Операция по восстановлению зрения - противопоказания, стоимость, видео, отзывыTo talk about the operation only in the case where a doctor after a proper diagnosis gave. If the patient previously wore the night or contact lenses, their sock is prohibited for 10 days before surgery. In addition, per day is required to completely abandon alcoholic beverages, as well as in the long-awaited day correction is not to use cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, not to wear clothes made of wool.

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The need for prior hospitalization eliminated only if the patient is held stationary diagnostics, passed all the tests, met all medical advice and guidance. Before surgery to restore vision prices need to discuss with your doctor to make the required amount, taking into account the period of rehabilitation.

The issue price

Laser surgery is pretty expensive, so the patient needs to rely on large financial embezzlement. Price range in different eye care centers varies from 20 – 70 thousand rubles, and depends on the rating and reputation of the selected clinics, the level of skill of the doctor, complexity of procedure, degree and stages of progressive disease, modern medical equipment, etc.

If dominated by advanced forms of diseases of the eye, the final cost of the surgical procedures can be enhanced. This is an individual issue that you must discuss with the surgeon who will carry out surgical intervention. Overall, the forecast is encouraging, and many patients with vision problems personally convinced of high efficiency of laser correction, was pleased with the results, I forgot about the old problems with the eyes.

The following video provides surgery to restore vision, it is recommended to view in order to understand what it is decided the patient: