Optiks eye vitamins: manual, price and analogues

Optiks is a vitamin a remedy that contains a complex of trace elements and is designed to provide the organ of vision antioxidant protection.

Pharmacological action

The facility has antioxidant effects and also allows you to compensate for a deficiency of microelements necessary for normal functioning of the body. Its action is thanks to the main active substances.

The composition and form of issue

Available in tablets, which number in the blister is 30 or 60 pieces. Each tablet contains:

  • Оптикс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиcopper – protects eyes from free radicals;
  • ascorbic acid has antioxidant action, protecting the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • β-carotene – contributes to the improvement of adaptation of the eye of twilight, and also provides protection from free radicals;
  • lutein helps protect the eyes from UV rays, the normal functioning of the organ of vision, including and dusk, and also to prevent the development of changes associated with age;
  • zinc prevents the formation of free radicals;
  • zeaxanthin has antioxidant effects that protect the eyes from UV rays and preventing changes associated with age;
  • vitamin E – provides the eyes protection from free radicals.

Indications for use

It is recommended to use these vitamins for:

  • replenish necessary minerals that are very important for normal functioning of the organ;
  • prevention of various eye diseases and age-related vision deterioration;
  • complex treatment of diseases such as retinopathy, cataracts, degenerative changes in the retina;
  • prevention of eye diseases when fatigue of the organ of vision;
  • prevention of diseases with a genetic predisposition to them;
  • recovery eye after the surgery;
  • improve vision at night.
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    Method of application

    Оптикс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиChildren 12 years of age and adults need to take 1 tablet a day. This dose should not be exceeded. Taking vitamins during or after a meal.

    The duration of intake can be up to 3 months. If necessary, the course may be repeated.


    You cannot apply these vitamins:

    • people with hypersensitivity to the major components of funds;
    • children whose age is under 12 years of age;
    • people who have sarcoidosis, renal failure, thrombophlebitis, hyperthyroidism, gipervitaminoz A and E.

    Side effects

    The application of these vitamins can cause the following side effects:

    • rashes on the skin;
    • the increase in body temperature;
    • the bronchospasm;
    • angioedema;
    • pain in the head;
    • dizziness;
    • abdominal pain;
    • diarrhea;
    • nausea and vomiting;
    • anaphylactic shock.

    If you experience side effects should immediately stop taking this remedy and consult with your doctor.


    Оптикс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиIn case of overdose, the tool can increase side effects to develop symptoms of hypervitaminosis A, E, C, occur abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions, diarrhea, increased nervous excitability. Therapy is symptomatic in nature. Require gastric lavage and the adoption of activated carbon.

    Interaction with other drugs

    These vitamins are not recommended for use with other multivitamins in order to avoid the development of hypervitaminosis. Also not recommended to use them with kolestiraminom, orlistat and laxatives drugs, because it reduces the absorbability of carotenoids. Vitamin C can cause side effects of sulfonamides. Vitamin E worse absorbed due to iron and silver.

    Special instructions

    Use this tool at the recommended dose with a meal that contains fats of animal and vegetable origin. To use during pregnancy and breastfeeding should only under medical supervision.

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    Оптикс витамины для глаз: инструкция, цена и аналогиAs analogues can be used:

    • Complivit Ophtalmo;
    • Kuwait Lutein;
    • Nutri Total;
    • Vitrum Vision;
    • Multicam Syrup;
    • The Anthocyan Forte;
    • Bilberry Forte.

    It is not recommended to assign yourself the same vitamins. It is better to seek the advice of a physician.


    The cost of these vitamins in Russian pharmacies is from 360 to 390 rubles.