Oxyal eye drops: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Оксиал глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиAxial – eye tool that is used to moisturize the eyes. It is used at the increased dryness of the eyeball, observed on the background of various pathological processes and conditions leading to it. Physico-chemical properties of the drug maximally bring it closer to natural tears, secretiruetsa lacrimal gland. That is why the drug is well tolerated and is very effective. But this is reflected in its value, which somewhat limits its use.

Important! Axial has a pronounced protective action on the corneal epithelium.

The composition and form of issue

The composition of Axial presented the main active ingredient, which is hyaluronic acid, as well as auxiliary, with plenty of electrolytes contained in natural tears. We are talking about boric acid, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, potassium and special purified water. Also part of the means contains preservatives and protectors.

Release form of the drug Axial – plastic bottle, the volume of which is 10 ml. It has a handy dispenser that simplifies the process of backfilling.

Method of application

Оксиал глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиMethod of application of the drug Axial:

  • the washing of hands before burying;
  • careful instillation into each eye, which eliminates the possibility of touching the conjunctiva, as well as to foreign bodies;
  • dose – one or two drops in each eye;
  • the frequency of instillation is defined by subjective symptoms, usually 4-5 times a day.


The main contraindication for use of Axiala is hypersensitivity to drug and its components. However, this situation is very rare. Therefore, the drug can be used by nearly any patient.

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Side effects

Due to the composition which is most similar to the tears produced by the lacrimal gland, it is well tolerated. Side effects to date has not been registered. In this regard, the tool may be used in case of intolerance of all other substitutes of tear fluid. This kind of reserve.

Special instructions

Special instructions when using the drug Axial:

  • good compatibility with any kind of contact lenses that not need to be removed before use;
  • in the clear bottle with the drops may be stored for more than 2 months, then its contents must be disposed of;
  • storage temperature – room, the best place for this – the dark, where there is no possibility of direct sunlight;
  • face down drops can be stored up to 2 years.


According to numerous customer reviews about eye drops Axail, you can highlight both positive and negative points.

Positive. One of the advantages noted:

  • well moistened eyes;
  • relieve the feeling of fatigue;
  • not cause discomfort during instillation;
  • not addictive;
  • can be used with contact lenses.

Negative. The disadvantages of the buyers are related:

  • the high cost of the drug;
  • the preservative in the composition drops boric acid;
  • ends quickly.


Оксиал глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиAnalogues of this drug are used in case when it is not in the pharmacy network, and if the patient for any reason cannot use it. Similar drugs also have the ability to moisten the eyes, but it can be less efficient as the chemical composition of funds, though similar, but not identical.

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The preparations of artificial tears, which can replace Axial include:

  • Sisomicin;
  • Vidisic;
  • Visine;
  • Innoxa;
  • Hilo-chest;
  • Hilo-Kea;
  • Hilser-chest;
  • Tear natural;
  • Likontin Comfort;
  • Optiva;
  • Oftolik;
  • Oftagel and others.


The price of the drug Axial ranges from 400 to 500 rubles. The cost is relatively high, due to the unique structure of this tool, which leads to its high efficacy and excellent tolerability.