Penetrating keratoplasty using femtosecond laser — a method of conducting, reviews, price

Keratoplasty is a surgical intervention in the structure of the visual organs. During this procedure, the doctor removes the damaged corneal tissue and replace them with the donor. Through keratoplasty involves the complete replacement of the cornea in the donor tissue.

From classic intervention, this procedure differs in that it is not a mechanical knife; with this type of procedure, the incisions are made with the femtosecond laser. After the incision is made, the ophthalmologist removes the pathologically damaged tissue. Next, using fine stitches sew the donor tissue. The duration of the intervention depends on the patient’s condition and the nature of the lesions, therefore, can be more than an hour. And visual function is restored after such a transplant for one year.

The intricacies of the process

Сквозная кератопластика с использованием фемтосекундного лазера - метод проведения, отзывы, ценаKeratoplasty shown in diseases such as keratoconus, dystrophy, and degeneration of the cornea, stromal thinning, and also for cosmetic purposes and for replacement of the infected tissue in ineffective treatment.

If your eyes require such an operation, the application of the provision of donor material shall be submitted in advance to the donor’s Bank. Before the material goes into the operating room, it is thoroughly examined, eliminating viruses, damage and losses. Next is a full clinical examination of the patient is prepared for surgery. The ophthalmologist should be aware of all the nuances, such as allergies, medications, etc.

The operation requires anesthesia, for this professionals can use local or General anesthesia. The choice is made based on the patient’s condition, the nature of his ailment and his age.

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If you are assigned to penetrating keratoplasty, the price of such services is approximately 63 500 rubles. Also it requires hospitalization, which is carried out in medical institutions. It lasts up to 14 days and costs about 1000 rubles per day.

Penetrating keratoplasty using femtosecond laser: reviews

As evidenced by the reviews about this procedure, it is of great effectiveness and vision after the operation become better within one year. But in this period it is necessary to take into account some constraints, the violation of which can cause complications.

Сквозная кератопластика с использованием фемтосекундного лазера - метод проведения, отзывы, ценаIt is prohibited to:

  • bathe in a hot tub;
  • saunas;
  • swimming pools and reservoirs;
  • rubbing and pressure on the eye;
  • overexert;
  • skip the routine checks.

The doctor will prescribe you preventive drops and those drugs that numb the eye, a second drug is used as needed. As protection can be assigned to contact lenses or glasses. You will regularly pass inspection, where specialists will evaluate your health, and the dynamics of recovery and overall condition.

Penetrating keratoplasty has a lot of testimonials that set the following advantages:

  • in contrast to the classical interference using a mechanical knife, a laser separates tissue much better. And it minimizes the risk of deformation of the cornea;
  • the tissue is not heated because the laser works very quickly, separating the molecules of the tissue with the specified edge;
  • soreness sensations during the recovery period is reduced because not as much injured tissue of the optic body;
  • the inability of infection due to contactless interference.
  • short recovery period and rehabilitation.

Important! This procedure is fully computerized and this allows you to get precise calculations and, as a consequence, to speed up the procedure and to avoid mistakes.

In the stroma of the cornea there are no metal particles that remain after the classic version and it does not cause strong swelling. Besides, it allows to avoid the secondary formation of connective tissue in the cornea of the eye. In most cases, the classical intervention patients after surgery suffer from astigmatism. But when using Femto-techniques form the donor graft and recipient match, and this greatly reduces the risk of visual impairment.

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Conducting Femto-plastics allows you to quickly return to normal human vision. Reduces the risk of complications and mistakes during the procedure. Despite this high cost, people prefer to use this procedure for the treatment of corneal pathology of visual organ, because of its lesser morbidity and high efficiency.