Perforating glasses simulators to restore and improve vision — how they work (instruction, contraindications, photo, price, reviews)

Quite popular in the treatment and prevention of various eye diseases use pinhole glasses: they represent products with opaque plastic lens, the surface of which has many small holes. They are in pseudosolution order relative to each other, and this location allows you to maximize the clarity of the visible image that the person sees through these holes. Often glasses-simulators for restoration of vision and prevention of eye problems have a plastic frame: it is the most comfortable to wear, besides making the cost of the product below. The lens itself can be made of black or, less often, green plastic. You can buy them in optics or specialized Internet stores.

As work glasses simulators?

When using light rays pass through the center of the optic zone of the eye on, so the dispersion on the retina becomes minimal. This increases the clarity of the image, which gets forked to the lens, and the eye ciliary muscles contribute to the transformation and perception of the image as a single.

Перфорационные очки тренажеры для восстановления и улучшения зрения - как они работают (инструкция, противопоказания, фото, цена, отзывы)In addition, points in the hole to improve vision reduce eye strain as the muscles should not be strained constantly and unable to relax. Fatigue is greatly reduced, and discomfort disappear. Therefore, this product is perfect not only for exercise but also for use during prolonged work at the computer or watching TV. Also perforating glasses simulators contribute to raising the tone of the eye muscles, they do not allow them to weaken, and this helps not only to improve eyesight but to prevent his fall. Some models have a special bend on the bottom of the lens, so that the blood circulation is improved and the short-sighted people can look at the object near without taking the glasses off.

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Perforating glasses simulators: instructions for use

Within the first application it is advisable to wear sunglasses for a few minutes to give the vision a chance to adjust to a sharp decrease proportional to the flow of light. At first it would seem that to focus and see the image through the holes is not easy, but after five minutes the picture will be visible clearly and the sharpness is markedly improved. You can use the product for exercise, which together with the positive properties of these points has a beneficial effect on eyesight. You can also use them for screens with high brightness and contributing to serious stress to reduce fatigue.

Important! Despite the popularity and positive reviews about these glasses, they still have some contraindications, so their use without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended.

Pinhole glasses: contraindications

Перфорационные очки тренажеры для восстановления и улучшения зрения - как они работают (инструкция, противопоказания, фото, цена, отзывы)Despite the many beneficial effects possessed by the subject, there are a number of contraindications to its use and constraints of different degrees of intensity. So, it is very important that when you use good illumination as close to natural daylight. In addition, the glasses should not be working with dangerous items and to wear them it is recommended that about 3 hours a day.

Also glasses to restore vision with holes need not apply in the case of progressive myopia, and in the case of nystagmus, i.e., an uncontrolled twitching of the eyeball. If a person is suffering from glaucoma, or has problems with the retina, then before applying you should consult with your optometrist.

Перфорационные очки тренажеры для восстановления и улучшения зрения - как они работают (инструкция, противопоказания, фото, цена, отзывы)Many people wonder, is it really useful glasses simulators; reviews of doctors mixed, but mostly positive. Experts say that this product really reduces the burden on the eyes, because regulates the level entering the lens light. As to improve vision, it manifests itself depending on the duration of wearing and combining with exercises: in the last case the effect would be more noticeable, and for this reason, many doctors recommend these glasses within the eye gymnastics. To purchase these glasses you can any manufacturer — Matsuda, Super vision, and the infamous glasses Fyodorov.

The cost is about 500-700 rubles, depending on the type of frame, destination and margins of the seller. At a fairly reasonable price glasses simulators, a photo of which can be seen on the sites about the problems of vision are quite effective means of helping with various violations of the ability to see. Also they are widely used for the prevention of vision deterioration, and today it is a very relevant question concerning even the younger generation.