Photochromic sunglasses with diopters for vision without diopters — reviews, photos, price

Today photochromic vision glasses is a trend of the season and choose his true connoisseurs of fashion, beauty and elegance. To make it clearer on what the models in question, the second the name of this optical devices – «Chameleons», who definitely are available at any center of the optics.

This progressive design is convenient and practical to wear, has virtually no drawbacks, and the number of customers multiplied. To understand how such popularity, we need to know what special photochromic sunglasses.

The principle of operation

So, this model has corrective lenses that not only improve visual acuity, but also some changing under different lighting, for greater convenience. For example, in the room they are transparent, but if you go outside on a Sunny day, and chameleons abruptly into sunglasses, then there is the darkening of the lenses. It’s a remarkable effect, which disappears, is just to get to the room with artificial lighting.

Фотохромные очки с диоптриями для зрения и без диоптрий - отзывы, фото, ценаDue to this visual effect by the presence of photochromic compounds in the lens, which alter their structure when exposed to UV illumination. When the direct rays of the sun are directed on the glass lenses do not transmit light, resulting in noticeably darken. When such pathogenic factors as UV radiation is absent, the lens becomes transparent again.

Important! The main function of these progressive models is to improve visual acuity, protect cornea eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

However, in optics also presents photochromic glasses with no lenses, which are used as a fashion accessory and a nice addition to everyday attire. These lenses are absolutely safe for quality of vision, and the photochromic effect for beauty and protection from the sun.

Manufacturing technology these progressive models has its own characteristics, through which you can get the darkened effect of various degrees of intensity. Especially in demand of innovative technology Trunsitions, which was taken as a basis for many international manufacturers.

The main advantages

Many of today’s patients ophthalmologist choose only photochromic glasses, and this is not surprising, because this optical device has a lot of advantages.

Фотохромные очки с диоптриями для зрения и без диоптрий - отзывы, фото, ценаAmong them:

  • automatic adaptation to abrupt change of lighting.
  • reliable protection of eyes from ultraviolet radiation;
  • the elimination of short-time glare;
  • prevention is extremely undesirable glare;
  • prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration;
  • improvement in acuity, contrast vision;
  • uniform distribution of the visual load;
  • a worthy alternative to the sun;
  • relaxation for the eyes;
  • disappearance increased lacrimation, photophobia;
  • stylish, creative design.

Accordingly, the patient becomes not only optics to enhance sharpness of vision, but also a unique «flavor» of a given image, and may not do regarding the need to wear corrective lenses. Thanks to this innovation, the inferiority complex are in the distant past and many patients easily turn that disadvantage into an advantage by choosing fashionable glasses that accentuate individuality and style.

The basic rules for choosing

Фотохромные очки с диоптриями для зрения и без диоптрий - отзывы, фото, ценаChoosing photochromic sunglasses reviews of those who already uses it, it will not hurt to study, but the final word is still for ophthalmologist, before making a purchase will recommend to be diagnosed. This examination of the affected organ will determine the real clinical picture, adjust the parameters of optical devices for further correction of vision. Choosing such models should be guided not only by the quality of the lens, although it is one of the most important criteria, but also design solution of a particular model. After wearing them have to constantly, and they must be suitable to the type of person. Photochromic sunglasses is in abundance in the form of a photo in the catalogues of the salons of optics and on specialized websites, so choose them will be easy. Vision items glasses must be clear and sharp, and the feeling of discomfort is completely absent.

If the choice fell on the photochromic sunglasses, the price depends on brand, features lenses and diopters (this is determined by the prescription) and some more points.

Glasses with photochromic lenses — is the choice of many people (notably the popularity of such models for drivers) as they are incredibly comfortable and practical. The main thing is to take seriously the question of choice and to implement all the recommendations of doctors to the ability to see in any case is not deteriorated.

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