Polarized vision glasses for drivers: how to choose (reviews, videos, price)

For drivers increased visual load occurs on the road when driving is carried out already more than one hour. In such situations, there is uncharacteristic earlier, drowsiness, lethargy, weakening of concentration, so the risk of accidents is large enough. But how to solve this problem?

Ophthalmologists came to the General conclusion that polarization vision glasses for drivers it is a great helper in the road, which doesn’t overload the eye, the optic evenly distributes the load and improves visual acuity. It’s time to think seriously about such an important and useful purchase!

The selection of the most appropriate model

Поляризационные очки с диоптриями для водителей: как выбрать (отзывы, видео, цена)If the choice fell on the glasses for drivers of polarization, it is worth to clarify that there is a conditional classification, which is presented in the following form:

  • clear glass for vision at night or in low visibility conditions;
  • brown glass for a successful vision in the daytime or when exposed to direct sunlight;
  • model chameleon that allow you to see the situation on the road in any light, under all atmospheric phenomena.

Accordingly, the motorist, given their working conditions, he selects the optimal lens. It is also worth noting that wearing glasses with polarization and diopters can patients with vision problem, as in normal vision bought lenses do not perform the correction function, but only are a reliable reflectors. If the difficulties of choice is still present, you need to consult an ophthalmologist or optical consultant of the medical center.

What guides the choice?

Choosing glasses for drivers with polarized and prescription lenses, it is important to remember that in the first place is exactly vision correction. If a man sees badly because, for example, myopia, no point in polarization no vision she will not improve.

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Поляризационные очки с диоптриями для водителей: как выбрать (отзывы, видео, цена)Therefore, the polarization model with prescription lenses it is best to make to the individual recipe, which prescribes ophthalmologist after quality diagnostics of the visual organ. The reason is that glasses for drivers of polarization are to perform not only protective but also curative function, that is, needs to improve set vision.

For example, when age-related farsightedness lens needs to have a wider corridor of vision, with astigmatism preferred elongated models, which provide a targeted vision of the picture. Why is it important to choose the right glasses for vision correction, please click here.

Important! If the lenses are purchased not only to protect from the sun’s glare and reduce the visual load while driving, and also for the treatment of the eye, the presence of the anti-reflective coating is necessary. It reduces the number of short-term blinding, increases contrast and picture clarity.

General recommendations of ophthalmologists

Many patients mistakenly believe that the glass much better than plastic. This opinion remains in the distant past, being «obsolete». It is quite obvious that the plastic for the motorist is the best option because it minimizes the risk of eye damage in an accident.

As for rims, the preference is also advisable to give a plastic, not metal. Due to this principle is similar – increased safety for motorists on the road.

Before choosing polarized glasses for drivers who need to be diagnosed to reliably determine the actual visual acuity. If there are problems, the lenses must be prescription lenses desired value.

Sunglasses model polarized it is best to shoot at dusk and in the evening hours because of deteriorating vision through the brown glass.

Important! To buy such a progressive model in online stores is not recommended because in the real center of the optics is expected not only trying on a few options, but also individual consultation with a qualified ophthalmologist.

If you buy glasses drivers polarized, the price varies from 1500 to 4000 rubles. Rates tangible, so it is important not to make the wrong choice and spend a certain amount with benefits.

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Today glasses of this type are very popular, especially those made in a stylish modern design. They are produced in many different firms and eminent, such as Polaroid, and not particularly well-known domestic brands. The quality and price of this, of course, depend to a large extent, but it’s better to buy those which best respond to the professionals, because we are talking about the safety and security of one of the most important human organs.