Products for improving vision for adults and children: sbalansirovanny diet for daily use

To have excellent eyesight, it is not necessary to constantly take medicines, perform costly procedures with innovative technology.

Care must be taken about the basic rules of prevention, enriching your eating habits certain foods with a capacious content of vitamins a, E And C. the First two groups are responsible for visual acuity, and the latter is a great way to strengthen a weakened immune system, improve the condition of the retina of the eye, prevent some eye diseases.Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребления

Important fruits and valuable vegetables

As a rule, foods to improve eyesight contain in its composition of natural carotene which, in turn, has a powerful antioxidant effect and is found in orange fruits such as carrots, apples, apricots, pumpkin.

Another useful micronutrient lutein, which is most often found in dark green foods as spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, potatoes, kiwi, beans, zucchini, peas, certain varieties of sweet pepper.Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребления

If to speak about the concrete action of such natural food products, it is important to note the following important points:

  • pumpkin allows you to seamlessly improve vision;
  • broccoli provides reliable prevention of cataracts;
  • carrots, with a unique natural composition, prevents the natural process of exhaustion of the retina on the background of age-related changes of the body;
  • parsley, or rather the greens, prevents the development of conjunctivitis, cataracts, diseases of the optic nerve;
  • garlic also has a beneficial effect on visual acuity.

You need all these components to include in your daily diet, but also do not forget about the high effectiveness and enormous benefits of fresh fruit, berries, which should be present in the daily menu of a person. It is worth noting that some berries are not only prevention, but also effective treatment of some diseases. But what is it?

  • Blueberries – a very useful berry, in a natural formula which is dominated by the antioxidants, vitamins a, C and PP, acids, elements that weaken increased eye fatigue, enhance visual acuity, protect the cornea from external factors. It is desirable to use fresh, because frozen berries lose their eyesight properties.
  • But apricots can be consumed in any form, because the usefulness of ripe berries equivalent to dried apricots and dried apricot. This fruit improves the vision, and in the absence of specific problems just support it for a long period of time, not paying attention to the natural processes of aging.
  • Melon is an excellent prevention «night blindness», so if you have a genetic factor to this disease are advised to consume this fruit in fresh ripe form.
  • Kiwi is the so – called «vitamin bomb» which contains large amount of vitamin C. This element improves microcirculation blood and intraocular fluid, strengthens the vessel wall, making them more elastic and unbreakable.
  • A similar effect has and the briar: if it is systematically used, the amount of intraocular hemorrhage will be minimized.
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    These natural products act in the body gently and quietly, and performance – better than any pills. So it’s best not to ignore such an effective prevention in the home.Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребления

    Valuable meat and seafood

    Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребленияIf the man thought, as there are foods to improve eyesight, you ought to remember about the beneficial properties of fish and seafood. The fact is that sea food contains large amount of protein which only strengthens the work of individual groups of eye muscles, improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of blood vessels. Besides the predominant fatty acids prevent macular degeneration of the eye, so vision will continue to delight its severity.

    Preference is desirable to give the herring, cod, tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, but it is also important not to forget that many eye diseases patients will be advised to take fish oil. About its healing effects are legendary, so further introduction this element is not needed, the main thing – to comply with the prescribed dosage and not to stop attending the course.

    Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребленияOphthalmologists believe that meat products are also an excellent prevention of many diseases of the eye, the main thing – to choose the right grade of meat. Doctors strongly recommend to use lean beef that contains a good for eyesight vitamins of groups b, A, C, PP and minerals – zinc, potassium, calcium.

    If you use this product in boiled, it retains all its beneficial properties, improves vision, prevents cataracts, relieves exhaustion of the retina. It is desirable that beef has become an integral part of the daily diet, then many eye problems will not bother highly undesirable exacerbations.

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    Benefits of eggs and chocolate

    Many parents are busy wondering what foods to improve eyesight kids fit? The list presented above, but you can always add chocolate and eggs. Why? Moreover, it is fun food for children, so also their use for vision cannot be overstated.Продукты для улучшения зрения для взрослых и детей: сблансированный рацион для ежедневного употребления

    The prevailing in the composition of eggs, sulfur, amino acids and lutein are excellent prevention of myopia, hyperopia, cataract. To give preference is desirable quail eggs, which also contain vitamins a and C, glycine, copper and iron. They prevent the aggravation of barley, dryness of the cornea and conjunctivitis.

    If we talk about dark chocolate, in its natural composition is dominated by a capacious amount of flavonoids, which strengthen blood vessel walls and the cornea, prevents the depletion of the cornea.

    The opinion of experts about what products are needed to maintain vision, you will learn from the following video:

    Rules for the use of products for vision

    If the person is included in your daily diet foods that enhance visual acuity, he must remember some rules that will only accelerate the therapeutic effect, will make the prevention more effective.

  • Vegetables and fruits should be eaten fresh, exposing them to minimal heat. This is necessary to ensure that they do not lose their useful properties.
  • Fish and meat products to improve vision, it is desirable to boil in salted water, or cook with others. Fried foods can provoke other more serious diseases.
  • From vegetables it is recommended to prepare fresh juices, especially useful carrot, beet and potato concentrate.
  • Foods to improve eyesight, it is desirable to use between adjacent meals to vitamins and minerals soaks in.
  • Daily serving of fish oil, especially children, need to individually discuss with the ophthalmologist.
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    All these natural products will strengthen vision, and are also a great prevention to keep its sharpness.