Protective glasses for computer work — description, photos, reviews, price

In the modern world it so happened that labour activity of the person often associated with computer equipment and high visual load. It’s really a problem, since eye diseases are not only common, but getting younger every year. That is why the ophthalmologists recommend to wear protective glasses for computer work. What kind of device, on any principle as valid – all these questions require a detailed response.

The features and benefits

Goggles from your computer is recommended not only in adults but also in children. It is a reliable protection of vision for gamers, who are accustomed to sit for hours behind game consoles or in front of a monitor. Lenses made according to the innovative technology of multilayer spraying, which significantly reduces the radiation level, and hence prevents the exacerbation of many of the diagnoses from the field of ophthalmology.

Защитные очки для работы за компьютером - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаAmong the main advantages of this optical devices it is necessary to highlight the following aspects:

  • protect your eyes from fatigue;
  • protection from «dry eye syndrome»;
  • the dosage of UV radiation on the sensitive retina of the eye;
  • increase the contrast and sharpness of the image;
  • slowing the aging process of the eye tissue;
  • regeneration of the affected cells of the retina;
  • correcting the brightness of the screen.

To choose and buy safety glasses for working at the computer, focusing on the photos and the description of these optical devices which are in abundance represented in the specialized online stores or catalogs, but all the same not superfluous to the advice of a professional ophthalmologist or consultant of the center for optics.

Important! There are many innovative models, and each has its own characteristics, so it is important to consult a doctor before to buy these points.

The principle of operation

Защитные очки для работы за компьютером - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаAs a rule, protective glasses for working at the computer image on the screen makes clear, vivid and contrasting. In the design there are special lenses that reduce the risk of all diseases of the ophthalmology. They are coated with the interference filter, which ensures the absorption of UV rays. What gives?

These specific lenses increase the allowable power of the eye, thereby reducing visual load. If problems with vision are completely absent, then you need to buy a model with lens without diopters; and the apparent landing of view, the doctor determines the value both protective and corrective lenses strictly individually. When wearing contact lenses such glasses can also be used.

Contraindications and side effects are completely absent, so safety glasses for working at the computer reviews only have positive content.

The range of models and their specifics

If you are going to purchase sunglasses to protect your eyes from the computer, remember that their price is very different, and depends on the manufacturer. It can be both domestic and imported models, which in the end serve the same function – to protect eyes during long work with computer equipment.

Защитные очки для работы за компьютером - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаAvid gamers recommended the universal model of Gunnar, which minimizes eye fatigue, relieves stress, normalizes the visual load and inner pressure. For maximum protection of the eyes in front of the monitor selected protective lenses with diopters + 0.15, thus completely missing the habituation effect.

The Mystery progressive brand offers male and female options, which is not alien to the sense of style, according to fashion trends. It is not only the protective means for eyes but also a fashionable accessory that complements any style. Moreover, disappears increased eye fatigue, eye strain, ripples and the syndrome of «dry eye».

Chinese glasses Matsuda also interested many buyers, since the model uses a lens with a radiation component, which resists the electromagnetic radiation. This optical device protects vision, even if the conduct of the monitor screen more than one hour of free time.

And there are many options, just contact a specialized center optics, which will pick up the most optimum variant for work at a high visual load. It is obvious that it is better to promptly take care of prevention than medication to save the planted vision.

The following video specialist tells how to operate the glasses for computer work and how they protect eyes from the harmful effects of:

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