Red eyes what to do ( if the eyes are inflamed, red very much, constantly) and why?

At a constant or one of fatigue, and in some other cases, often one is confronted with the same effect as red eyes. What if whites of eyes are red and sore or itchy, and so swollen? This phenomenon may be a symptom of several different problems, and action must be directed at addressing the cause and not just relief from symptoms. As a rule, is accompanied by redness and other unpleasant effects, such as watery eyes or, on the contrary, dryness, stinging, pain, and other things. To eliminate this condition allows the exercises for the eyes, special drugs, as well as load regulation and other measures.

Red bloodshot eyes: what and why?

Красные глаза что делать ( если глаза воспаленные, красные очень сильно, постоянно) и в чем причина?The main reasons why the whites of the eyes begin to blush, are the following phenomena:

  • excessive fatigue, constant or occasional. Usually the eyes become red after reading long, long watching TV or working at the computer, many of them can become red and after watching the film in 3D, because the glasses used in cinemas are not always made of quality materials and santawani correctly;
  • external stimulants (such as smoke, wind, grit or other objects that may get into the eyes and cause irritation). To get rid of the redness in this case, you need to remove the source of irritation and put soothing drops in the eye;
  • the lack of sleep. If a person sleeps less than 6 hours and doing it regularly, very soon he will see that his eyes are very red. What to do in such a case, if sleep is not possible? Most doctors recommend the use of drugs to relax the eye muscles and relieve tension. Traditional medicine may recommend a compress of green tea, but it causes too much dryness and not useful to everyone.
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Very red eye: what to do if the load is too strong all the time?

While watching TV or working at the computer it is recommended to limit the load or distribute it evenly over a period of time.

If often have to work on the computer and cannot reduce the load, you can remove red-eye with a few tools:

  • regular breaks for 1-5 minutes every hour. During a break, you should do exercises for the eye muscles or just to focus on distant objects, close your eyes and give them rest. This will allow us to give rest to your eyes and enhance its efficiency;
  • drugs that cause the eye to relax. It can be Oftagel, visine or other means. It should be remembered that some need to be taken only before bedtime, because relaxed eyes will react adversely to light.

Important! If the redness does not disappear after rest and drop also does not bring relief, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Red whites of the eyes: what if the reason is Allergy?

The eye became red? It may be a reaction to dust, pollen, animal dander, and the list goes on and on. In case the redness is a reaction to any allergen, you should immediately remove it from the environment as possible.

Красные глаза что делать ( если глаза воспаленные, красные очень сильно, постоянно) и в чем причина?If the cause of allergies on the eyes, face does not depend on human circumstances, it is possible to reduce the reaction by taking antihistamines. They can be taken as orally, and in drops in the eye, a wide selection makes it easy to resolve the question of what to do if the white of the eye is red from allergies. At a cost of antihistamines can range from a few hundred to a thousand rubles. It is more effective to apply exactly drops if allergic reaction occurs only in the form of redness.

The problem of irritation is considered to be chronic, if a person is always red eyes. What to do in this case? Most likely, it is necessary to revise daily routine and lifestyle: lack of sleep and prolonged stress can cause irritation, and drugs can help only partly, not by eliminating the cause. To reduce the load suitable visine, Axial, Likontin, as well as vitamins of group A, but their use should be discussed with the ophthalmologist.

Vision problems can be expressed not only in its fall, or the occurrence of abnormalities in the form of strabismus, astigmatism or double vision. If a person is constantly red eyes, what to do in this case? You should immediately reduce the load on vision, and also to be surveyed at the allergist and the ophthalmologist: these professionals will help you understand why eye, and prescribe the necessary drugs or combined therapy.