Rehabilitation after vision correction: how is the recovery (reviews, photos)

After any surgery to correct vision, whichever method it may be conducted, should the recovery period, during which the visual system returns to normal, and postoperative effects are negated. Rehabilitation after vision correction involves a number of procedures, the complex may differ depending on the type of operation. These include treatment with drugs, load regulation, as well as exercises for the eye muscles. In addition, a number of the restrictions imposed after the laser intervention can act throughout life.

Recovery vision correction: what determines the duration of the care?

Depending on the type of operation you’ll be and how long will last the rehabilitation period, and how difficult it will be.

Lasik surgery procedures to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and other diseases that take relatively little time (15-20 minutes). After this procedure vision is restored in stages: in the first hour returns 50-70%, and over the next 3-4 person begins to see a hundred percent.

Реабилитация после коррекции зрения: как проходит восстановление (отзывы, фото)After this procedure, impose the following restrictions:

  • you can’t lift more than 3-4 kg in a month, more than 10 kg during the year. In some cases, especially in myopia of moderate or severe, restrictions on raising large weight remain for life;
  • it is impossible to engage in active sports for several months;
  • should wear sunglasses, because in most cases the sensitivity after the surgery increases dramatically, and to reduce the load use these glasses on the street and in rooms with too bright lighting.

The surgery PRK, which involves a gradual visual recovery over weeks and more rigid, but removable within one year, restrictions on athletic activity, sports, etc., it is also necessary to use sunglasses and avoid eye contact foreign particles and infection. Despite the fact that in the first 3-4 days eyes are very very itchy, rubbing them in no event it is impossible: it can cause a number of complications. This is a relatively long rehabilitation after vision correction; reviews, however, suggest that constraints that are valid for 12 months is indeed removed completely, in contrast to a number of situations that arise during method Lasik.

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Реабилитация после коррекции зрения: как проходит восстановление (отзывы, фото)In addition, for 2-4 weeks, regardless of the method of operation should not use cosmetics, and in a month you need to pursue a course of prevention using eye drops. Because after the procedure you may have effects such as inflammation, dryness, swelling, doctors prescribe Oftagel, Levomicetin and Dexamethasone. Scheme of examination: first week accepted Dexamethasone and Levomicetin 3 times a day, for 2 and 3 week Levomicetin excluded, and 4 week use only Oftagel for recovery.

Also the rehabilitation period after vision correction includes eye exercise, which is a light massage of the eyelids and near the classroom focus from remote things on close objects and Vice versa. It is recommended to do twice a day at least, and after heavy loads. Charging will be useful at any time after surgery and as prevention.

What can be a complicated period of rehabilitation?

Реабилитация после коррекции зрения: как проходит восстановление (отзывы, фото)If after the operation there were complications, the complex of rehabilitation measures may include the following steps:

  • the appointment of additional drugs, if there is to be irritation, swelling, infection or damage to blood vessels;
  • the course correction exercises for the eyes, for example, if restoration of vision is less intense pace than required;
  • the appointment of additional procedures.

All actions are aimed at correcting complications should be consistent with the ophthalmologist. At the clinic where the operation was performed, can provide post-operative care within treatment. It is usually included in the price.

Only at observance of all requirements and recommendations the doctor may have the correct and rapid recovery vision correction. Photos of the operation itself, and recovery actions can be found on Internet sites dedicated to this topic, as well as on the websites of clinics, where there are such operations. When properly assigned and executable set of actions, the risk of complications will be reduced to zero, and the vision will remain sharp for many years.

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