Remedy for puffiness under eyes — what is better to choose (folk, creams, beauty treatments)

Swelling under the eyes give the face a tired and sickly, old woman. They are not always associated with a serious disease, there are harmless reasons – overwork, lack of sleep, improper diet. To grab a pill in such a situation is not immediately necessary, it is better to choose a gentle remedy for puffiness under eyes: compresses, masks, lotions, creams, massage. And only in the case that such procedures do not work, you should consider more serious methods.

Therapeutic compresses

Tea compress. Two bags of green (chamomile, black) tea brewed in boiling water for 30 seconds, lightly squeezed and placed in the freezer. After a quarter of these funds from swelling under the eyes are applied to the affected area for about 15 minutes.

Important! It is worth remembering that swelling can signal a serious disease. In this case, the cosmetic product useless, you should consult a doctor.

Potato compress. The crude product is an effective aid in fighting swelling of the face. Grate it on a grater to a pulp, put on two gauze small size, apply to the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Great result and provide slices of raw potatoes, they are placed directly on the skin under the eyes.

Средство от отеков под глазами - какое лучше выбрать (народные, кремы, косметологические процедуры)

Black bread. It is cooled in the freezer, keep on the eyes for a short time.

A compress of parsley. The leaves are thoroughly crushed, laid on a gauze and in a few minutes hold the eyelids. You can do without the gauze, natural mask, applied directly to the skin is an effective remedy against swelling under the eyes.

Important! Performing a cooling procedure, the main thing — not to overdo, not to get complications from prolonged exposure to the cold.

Medicinal lotions

Birch infusion. Lotion created on the basis of fresh birch leaves, copes with the problem. The leaves poured a glass of cold water, kept for 10 hours (leave them overnight). Ready infusion is filtered, used for lubrication of swollen eyelids.

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Cucumber infusion. Cucumber is an effective product that eliminates puffiness, refreshing face. The product is ground in a blender, pour boiling water for 5-6 hours. The filtered liquid is ready for rubbing of the eyelid skin, it is convenient to arm themselves with a cotton swab. To consolidate the result will allow the whole course of such procedures.

Daisy. To make chamomile lotion will need only 20 minutes, dried flowers filled with water. The resulting decoction is used as remedy against edema under the eyes, it also helps to remove inflammation of the eye.Средство от отеков под глазами - какое лучше выбрать (народные, кремы, косметологические процедуры)

A solution of soda. In boiled cooled water to dissolve about a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, leave for a while. Gauze impregnated with ready-made medication, applied to the eyes.

Recipes of traditional medicine is useful as a quick way to get rid of unhealthy appearance to the face. However, for regular care prone to the swelling of the skin are more effective cosmetic products.

Creams and treatments

To eliminate puffiness under eyes folk remedies will help, but more support will have a creams based on plant extracts containing a minimum of chemicals. Before buying you should make sure that the painful skin condition is not related to an allergic reaction.

If swellings appear from time to time or in the morning, you need to choose creams that contain hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut, collagen. With their help, you can forget about bags under the eyes.

Creams that includes caffeine, eliminate swelling very quickly. We should dwell on the special versions for the skin around the eyes.

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Средство от отеков под глазами - какое лучше выбрать (народные, кремы, косметологические процедуры)

Innovative achievements of cosmetology, you shouldn’t leave without attention. Special beauty treatments will provide a long lasting effect.

Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a medical injection, injecting drugs can vitamin complexes. The standard course includes 7-10 reps producing weekly.

Criolifting. To improve the condition of problem areas and helps the effects of cold, having a short-term nature. Session criolifting arousing skin cells, metabolism aktiviziruyutsya, unnecessary liquid is removed. Method has almost no contraindications, receives excellent reviews.

All of the above methods will not give lasting results without a proper way of life – eight hours of sleep, quitting cigarettes and alcohol, balanced diet.