Remedy for wrinkles around the eyes — folk and salon treatments

Wrinkles in the eye area sooner or later affect everyone. The skin in this area is very thin and delicate, so it is faster to aging. The reason for this may be the impact of cosmetics, bad habits, unbalanced nutrition, as well as the influence of external factors (sun, frost, wind).

The first wrinkles after the age of 25 years indicate the beginning of aging of the epithelium, most likely, is a consequence of improper care. Let’s find out what means of wrinkles around the eyes is effective in dealing with this process. Also consider traditional methods of rejuvenation.

Effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes

Средство от морщин вокруг глаз - народное и салонные процедурыToday widespread and effective are the following means against wrinkles around the eyes:

  • peeling;
  • seaweed masks and treatments;
  • photorejuvenation;
  • care using collagen creams;
  • face massage;
  • the method ВDR;
  • lifting;
  • the procedure for the hydration of the epithelium.

Important! Whatever procedure you prefer, it can not give the result after the first session. In dealing with such defects is important systematic care.

To deal with goose’s feet, and to maintain a normal state in this area will help a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. But should not be limited only to interior treatments and finished cosmetics, because the effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes can be cooked in your own kitchen.

Wrinkles around the eyes: a folk remedy to resolve the problem

Средство от морщин вокруг глаз - народное и салонные процедурыProperties of many plants, fruits, vegetables and oils help to improve the condition of the epidermis so to care for him at home is very simple. Give a few recipes of masks. Take, for example, parsley, potato and olive oil. Pour a teaspoon of herbs Cup of boiling water, then let stand, at this time, grate the potatoes on a fine grater and add 1 spoon of this mass to 2 tablespoons of the resulting broth and 1 tablespoon of oil. The mixture is recommended to attach to the surface of the eyelids, wrapped her in gauze, before going to sleep for 20 minutes, remove with a cotton pad without rinsing.

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Will effectively help to moisturize the problem area and the yolk if they are lubricated around the eyes. If the defects in this location are already available, dilute the yolk with a small quantity of oil of plant origin. With this task cope and mask, made of bread crumb and vegetable fat or butter with soft butter. Stir the ingredients until the consistency of porridge and apply on the area for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Средство от морщин вокруг глаз - народное и салонные процедурыIf you already have wrinkles around the eyes, natural home remedies, such as herbal and essential oil and aloe will become your assistant in solving problems. Both vegetable and butter is able to moisturize the skin of the eyelid. For example, butter can replace the night cream, brushing the skin at night, and vegetable oil are excellent to do the mask, or simply apply it on the skin of the day for moisture.

To cope with the dryness of the epithelium will help remedy like aloe Vera. Plant hydrates skin cells and helps to fight wrinkles. Use it preferably before you go to bed, just oiling the problematic parts of the face with the juice from the plants. Can juice to squeeze, take a fresh leaf, cut it into two halves and grate them to areas in need of moisture. If it is impossible to get a plant, you can use a special gel containing 98% of plant SAP.

As we have said, essential oils are very effective in solving this problem. They can be in pure form apply with fingers around the eyes, on the eyelids, you can also add a small amount in masks and homemade creams.

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To eliminate age-related defects using the following varieties:

  • almond;
  • apricot;
  • peach.

The irreversible process of ageing can, if not stop, significantly slow, and this will help you beauty treatments and folk remedies. Don’t underestimate masks and creams, prepared at home, the useful properties of the plants, effectively moisturize epithelium, reducing the manifestation of defects on it. The best way to combat the problem is integrated care, which consists of cosmetic procedures, massages and nourishing masks.