Scleral lenses eye diopters and without — when to wear, how to dress ( photos, video, price)

Today, scleral lenses can be called a tribute to fashion, because the European TV dictates the conditions, sets the most unexpected orders for young people. These progressive models, which is also called «theater», dim the eyeball, making the eyes shocking, disastrous. However, not everyone knows that the first scleral lenses with diopters used to treat many eye diseases.

Features of the model

This unique development completely belongs to American scientists who have focused on natural materials. Scleral lenses, photo which you can find on niche sites in the network, are made of polymers that transmit oxygen and are completely safe in case of hypersensitivity of the cornea.

Склеральные линзы для глаз с диоптриями и без - когда можно носить, как одевать ( фото, видео, цена)Such convex models have a larger diameter (2.2 cm — this size can boast of ordinary and even lenses that increase the eye), and is designed for everyday wear, effective vision correction. However, in the US the sale of theatrical models banned, since most of the ophthalmologists came to the logical conclusion that such change can only impair vision, leading to blindness.

Over the last decade, a major material manufacturer theatrical lenses became notorious polymer RRMA, which, despite its increased elasticity and easy to wear, absolutely airtight, with prolonged and frequent wearing can trigger increased swelling of the cornea, a sharp deterioration of visual acuity.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

Scleral lenses eye provide not only aesthetic effect, but also contribute to the correction of impaired vision.

Склеральные линзы для глаз с диоптриями и без - когда можно носить, как одевать ( фото, видео, цена)Assigned to medical purposes for the following clinical pictures:

  • congenital defects of the eye;
  • strabismus;
  • increased sensitivity of the cornea;
  • the keratoconus.
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The wearing period must be continuous, however, in addition to cosmetic effect noticeable the sharp rise in the acuity of vision that helps to solve a legacy problem and, finally, to get rid of the hated glasses. However, it is not always possible to use these progressive models, for example, scleral lenses after surgery is contraindicated, however, as in inflammatory diseases of the eye.

Important! In fact, the use of scleral lenses have very mixed reviews. Therefore, use of unauthorized, in some cases, means to risk the health and ability to see. Before you buy them, you should visit an ophthalmologist and get a clear answer — if you wear them.

Basic rules of use

If you still really want to buy scleral lenses, like will need to wear them? It is worth to clarify that competently answer this question, doctor or consultant from the center for optics.

Склеральные линзы для глаз с диоптриями и без - когда можно носить, как одевать ( фото, видео, цена)Also need to master the following basic rules:

  • the first thing you want to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to completely eliminate the infection. Hands also should not remain lint from towels, it is preferable to use a waffle napkins;
  • to get the first lens out of the container, to place it «saucer» up on the index finger, then pull down the lower eyelid is placed on the sclera of the eye. Well blink once again to ensure reliability of the installed lenses. Similar action and another «saucer»;
  • look in the mirror and make sure the optics are worn symmetrically, and completely excluded her any loss. This is such a simple procedure is over and it’s time to shock all people by his non-standard appearance, in a new way and unexpected transformation.
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The following video will help to learn how to properly put on and remove scleral lenses:

At a constant wear of the optics is extremely important to strictly adhere to the prescribed expiry date, otherwise possibly damaging to the cornea. If you want to choose scleral lenses, it is worth remembering that the price of a model depends on brand, material and length of use.

Scleral lenses is a modern development which is popular because within minutes allows you to change the appearance beyond recognition. To wear them or not — a private matter. And if the decision is in favour of the lenses, it is necessary to observe the rules of selection, wear and care, not to pay for made a splash with his health.