Scleroplasty eyes in children: indications, contraindications, implications (reviews, videos, price)

If dominated by rapidly progressive myopia, accompanied by a pathological increase of the eyeball, the doctors insist on surgical intervention, according to testimony perform scleroplastic. The main goal of this procedure is to strengthen the sclera of the eyeball, thereby at least partially restore visual acuity.Склеропластика глаз у детей: показания, противопоказания, последствия (отзывы, видео, цена)

Scleroplasty eyes in children – this is a real opportunity to stop the progression of myopia at the age of 8 – 15 years, when there are seemingly logical changes in the structure of the eye. The procedure stops the course of the pathological process, but it has a lot of nuances, which are important to know in advance.

Indications and contraindications

Recall that myopia is a serious disease of the field of ophthalmology, which leads to disability order of 40% of all patients with this diagnosis. Statistics are frightening, especially the majority of the patients – children of preschool and school age. It is therefore required immediately to hold skleroplastic, otherwise you may experience the violation of intraocular pressure, degeneration and retinal detachment, hemorrhage, fraught with serious complications for children’s health.Склеропластика глаз у детей: показания, противопоказания, последствия (отзывы, видео, цена)

Fairly common in ophthalmic practice is scleroplasty eyes in children. Reviews of physicians are positive; however, before agreeing to this procedure, it is required to individually consult with a specialist (preferably not one) and explain it thoroughly all existing contraindications.

So, not recommended for this surgery in the following clinical pictures:

  • children up to age 8 years;
  • inflammation of the body;
  • the predominance in the body of chronic infection;
  • thinning of the sclera;
  • other eye diseases (other than myopia);
  • scar tissue changes the optical system;
  • intolerance to anesthesia.
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Here the doctor chooses an alternative treatment, as the scleroplasty can only aggravate the disease and cause other eye diagnoses that can weaken the visual acuity.

Of the following video, you will learn the opinion of experts about skleroplastic in children and about its necessity for different diseases:

Method of operation

For those who do not know, how is scleroplasty eyes in children videos can be found on the Internet, and with all the details. The doctor also describes in detail the uptight parents that are waiting for their child on the operating table.

Operation adult children is performed under local anesthesia, and the kid is only using General anesthesia.

So, for the back wall of the eyeball during the operation are introduced sclerocarya strips of special cloth or liquid substance, which later are soldered with eye shell, stabilize the eyeball, locking the sclera, resulted in the blood vessels, improve eye blood circulation.Склеропластика глаз у детей: показания, противопоказания, последствия (отзывы, видео, цена)

Important! The procedure is not complicated, but it all depends on the stage of the pathological process, characteristics of a child, the qualification of the surgeon.

The operation is performed for 20 to 40 minutes, and the risk of side effects is minimal. However, the patient and his parents need to realize that you want greater control over the condition of the eye, as well as regular visits to the ophthalmologist to prevent repeated relapses, complications.

Possible health effects

If can save the vision of eyes scleroplasty in children, the transaction price should not worry the parents because children’s health is paramount. Despite the fact that the operation is gentle and virtually painless, it is not necessary to forget about those complications, which may worsen in the rehabilitation period.Склеропластика глаз у детей: показания, противопоказания, последствия (отзывы, видео, цена)

Important! Surgery is always a risk to the health, which, incidentally, is not always justified.

Possible complications and after running skleroplastic, but they are compatible with the life of a young patient and amenable to successful treatment. In this case we are talking about allergies, the symptoms are a reaction to a foreign body – sclerocephalus material. This anomaly disappears with time itself, but doctors still recommend to take antihistamines and dripping eye drops to improve vision.

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In addition, doctors do not rule out the displacement of the biological material because of its unreliable fixation. In such clinical pictures there is a small swelling and swelling in the conjunctiva, and to remove it is possible only by re-operation, that is, a more precise fixation of a foreign body behind the rear wall of the eyeball.

Rules for effective and quick healing

After you run skleroplastic young patients transferred to home treatment, but the hospital is also prolonged. For example, to return to my old life and friends after 10 days, two weeks later allowed to play sports and a month for the first time after a disease to use the pool. So this procedure does not take the patient out of action for a long time.Склеропластика глаз у детей: показания, противопоказания, последствия (отзывы, видео, цена)

However, certain limitations exist. It is important to understand that the patient remains in the «at risk» because the disease can recur. It is therefore important to control the visual load on the eyes, namely to avoid the fuzzy lighting, shelf reading, enhanced physical activity, inflammatory diseases such as conjunctivitis.

It’s time to think about preventive measures, buy multivitamin complexes for eyes to expert advice. Vision to be monitored regularly by an ophthalmologist, and at the first sign of symptoms not to delay with an unscheduled visit to the doctor. Then the disease is no longer remind myself and visual acuity will not fall.