Selection of glasses with astigmatism in children and adults — photos, price, video

Such an eye condition like astigmatism, often occurs in people of all ages. Difficulties relate not only to treatment of the cause of the problem, but glasses selection, because you need to consider many factors: the nature of the disease (acquired or inherited), the degree of difficulty, and complications. Selection of glasses with astigmatism should be carried out strictly by the doctor, otherwise the lens may be incorrectly combined diopter and focus, and the result is vision loss will progress.

Selection of glasses with astigmatism in adults: key features

Astigmatism require vision correction by cylindrical and not spherical glass, because in this case the elimination is subject to the difference in refraction of the main meridians of the visual perception. Cylindrical lenses contribute to the refraction of rays in the perpendicular plane, so that the effect of astigmatism is minimal, and the outlines of objects become more clear.

Подбор очков при астигматизме у детей и взрослых - фото, цена, видеоWhen selecting the doctors are guided by the following requirements:

  • before prescribing the type of lenses should determine the degree of complexity of the problem: there is a simple, complex and combined astigmatism and if for the first suitable cylindrical lenses, to effectively address other necessary glass with Sphero-cylindrical structure. Selection of glasses with astigmatism, a photo of which you can see online is made with the diagnosis of the disease;
  • for positive cylinder axis is set along the Meridian with a strong refraction, the indices of the weak Meridian refraction increase. For the negative cylinder axis is in inverse proportion: the Meridian with a weak degree of refraction with the influence of the Meridian with strong refraction;
  • when selecting lenses is used the frame of the generic type, which permits rotation of the installed Windows and to count the location of the axes of the meridians;
  • for points, which allow you to see better up close, the axle is in a horizontal position, and for products that are designed for long-range, the axis is placed vertically;
  • the cylinder size should be equal to the degree of development of astigmatism.
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Selection of glasses with astigmatism in children: what to consider?

The treatment of this problem if it manifests itself at a young age, should begin immediately. Getting used to wearing glasses in childhood allows, first, to get rid of the discomfort in the use in adulthood, and secondly, in some cases, helps to maximize the elimination of symptoms.

Подбор очков при астигматизме у детей и взрослых - фото, цена, видеоIf you choose to be aware of several features:

  • glasses for children will need to change in the course of growing up, as the body develops, and the centering of the lenses will change and so will need to buy a new;
  • in addition to the selection of lenses, you should pay attention to the frame: it should be not only comfortable, but also easy to fit;
  • comprehensive treatment may require not only the destination of the corrective lenses, but also limits degree of stress, certain diets, which includes useful products for vision and eye massage.

Among other things, for the treatment of astigmatism in children can be prescribed glasses simulators: they can be worn when working at the computer, watching TV, or to perform exercises for the eyes. They are used as a device that reduces the load and contributes to the training of the eye muscles. Exercise, combined with the selection of glasses with astigmatism, the video of which can be found online, suitable for adults.

Important! When choosing glasses, one should check whether the child has complications visual system, which can affect the determination of the type of lenses and their size.

It should be remembered that errors in the selection is especially critical for the child because the body it only is formed, and the wrong lenses can help vision loss in the future. Consultation of the ophthalmologist will allow to better understand each case.

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More about the features glasses selection with this disease in the following video:

Selection of glasses with astigmatism: the question price

To the cost of the products themselves, which can range from one to several thousand roubles, it is necessary to add the price of physician services, who will conduct a consultation and determine what points will fit in a particular case; in some opticians the consultation price is included in the purchase price. If to buy glasses for eye training, their cost can vary from 500 rubles and above.

To find glasses with astigmatism is actually not as difficult as it seems. The important thing is to consult a qualified ophthalmologist, who will conduct a vision test and provide all necessary recommendations. The task of the patient to comply with these recommendations and in a timely manner and regularly visit the doctor to monitor vision, especially if it concerns a child.