Silicone hydrogel lenses — types, description, care, reviews, prices

Silicone hydrogel lenses began to come into the market about 10 years ago. They are in great demand, as they are able to maintain a normal condition of the eye entire wearing period. The popularity of this product due to the fact that the material to allow more air to the cornea throughout the day, and it is important to prevent feeling of dryness and eye comfort.

Especially silicone hydrogel lenses

Силикон гидрогелевые линзы - виды, описание, уход, отзывы, ценыThe advantages of such lenses are:

  • the material contains less water, which allows the use of the product longer period of time;
  • they are recommended to those people who have a penchant for hypoxic diseases, as lets in more oxygen than the other analogues.
  • on the surface of products can accumulate less protein deposits;
  • the opportunity to keep in shape makes it comfortable to use lenses even for those patients who first use them.

Silicone hydrogel contact lens is a modern development, which by its properties than the hydrogel lenses and gives more comfort to the eyes. In many cases, patients who wear these lenses, do not need with moistening eye drops as dry eye syndrome is missing.

Silicone hydrogel lens: description

Силикон гидрогелевые линзы - виды, описание, уход, отзывы, ценыBecause silicone hydrogel lenses, day trips or those that are subject to planned replacement, allow more oxygen wearing them can be called comfortable. The manufacturers are the variants which can be 6, 14 days or a month. Even if products are intended for a month, it does not mean that they cannot be used in a flexible manner. Selecting appropriate correction together with an ophthalmologist, a specialist can prescribe the optimal mode of use.

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You cannot use these products for sleeping, but throughout the day you can use them from early morning to evening. One-day options are thrown to the night and in the morning you should put on a new pair already. A product of the planned replacement is cleaned in a special solution, where they are placed at night during sleep.

Important! To change or find suitable means of contact correction is only possible with the help of a doctor.

First, the ophthalmologist examines the patient and determines the degree of impairment, then assigns certain types of correction. If you purchased silicone hydrogel lenses, need to learn how to care for them. It is done using a special container and multipurpose solutions.

Силикон гидрогелевые линзы - виды, описание, уход, отзывы, ценыIf your eyes are sensitive, use solutions without preservatives on the basis of peroxide. If you chose the option continuous wear, be sure to discuss with your doctor the frequency of cleansing. Since this material is small accumulate protein deposits, but perhaps the accumulation of lipids, in cleansing products it is necessary to mechanically remove impurities from their fingertips.

The most convenient option is lenses disposable. For them does not require special care, you just switch pairs every day, throwing away used things. They are sold in packs of 10, 30, 90, and 180 pieces. However, this correction will cost the patient quite expensive due to the cost of one package. But this is a plus if you need to use them rarely, it is better to give preference to such an option than buying products planned replacement for a month and wear them for a few days.

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Silicone hydrogel lenses: cons of using

If you consider such products of contact lenses as silicone hydrogel lenses, reviews about this product mostly positive. However, as with other options, this correction is not without drawbacks. And the main drawback in this case is a great value. If you compare the silicone hydrogel lenses, the price a little with their predecessors, the cost is 4 times higher.

Силикон гидрогелевые линзы - виды, описание, уход, отзывы, ценыThe second problem that can occur when wearing such products is long habituation to them. The material has a greater elasticity than the other of its counterparts and so its use may be inconvenient. Another drawback is that material to the end of its shelf life begins to dry up, and it makes worst the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the eyeball. Another problem that can occur in patients when used, it is an allergic reaction. The fact that some people have an intolerance to silicone, and if not installed in advance, the possible reaction in contact with him.

This method of contact correction of visual function has become widespread since the emergence. They are comfortable to use and convenient. Of course, these products are not without drawbacks, but that hasn’t stopped patients, because the advantages are worth it.

The following video describes in detail how improved silicone hydrogel lenses and what benefits they create for patients today: