Soft contact lenses for vision, purpose, care, photos

Many patients who have some problems with clarity, personal experience, vision correction soft contact lenses provides a safe effect, in contrast to the hard model.

Such advanced models 40 – 80% water, so it is flexible and elastic, easy put on and wear, easy to care for, and most importantly – ensure the unhindered access of oxygen to the crystalline lens, the retina of the eye. The sharpness of vision patients do not complain, that is why the demand and this demand optical products only increases.

Features of the optical patterns

To knowМягкие контактные линзы для зрения - назначение, уход, фото what are soft contact lenses vision, will help photos of such models, which will always be in the office of ophthalmologist, medical journals, the world wide web. These products are made from hydrogel, but there are also some silicone hydrogel.

This material is very convenient and practical because, despite the gained stiffness after drying, easily deformed, acquires the desired shape, eliminates injury to the cornea. In addition, regular wear is no a very unpleasant syndrome of «dry eye», that is, eyes are not dry, do not blush, no unbearable itching. Oxygen provides excellent prevention of eye diseases, eliminates oxygen starvation of tissues.

Important! Soft lenses for vision correction can have standard dimensions, but most often are made on individual recommendations of the ophthalmologist. It is important to determine the curvature of the cornea, what to do on your own patient with vision problem, of course, can not.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

As practice shows, soft contact lenses for vision do not harm, moreover, provide a sustained therapeutic effect with the following diagnoses:

  • presbyopia;
  • astigmatism;
  • farsightedness;
  • myopia.

Мягкие контактные линзы для зрения - назначение, уход, фотоOf course, in such clinical pictures therapy should be comprehensive, but positive dynamics of the disease observed already at vision correction such progressive way. However, not all patients are allowed sock of this optical device.

For example, contraindications apply to the following diagnoses:

  • sinusitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tuberculosis;
  • individual intolerance.

In the latter case, it is necessary to clarify: if the patient is wearing contact lenses experiencing General discomfort, itching, eye redness, increased tenderness, you are required immediately to pick up another method of correction of impaired vision. This will help narrow specialist for individual advice.

Care rules

In the free market is dominated by one-day and multi-day soft lenses. The first model after a single discarded socks, and reusable lenses can safely wear a lens is specified in the statement a number of times. To avoid the aggravation of viral, inflammatory and infectious diseases, it is important to know what is proper care of soft contact lenses.

There are some basic rules:

  • Such models are stored in a special container with disinfecting solution, and get to further use with the help of special tweezers.
  • After disinfecting the lens for storage should be placed in a special saline solution, which in its natural composition similar to human tears.
  • Disinfection may be thermal, that is, the method of heating. To use it systematically is very undesirable because the treated optical device can change the shape, to be unsuitable.
  • To put on the eye, take the lens «plate up» and gently place the tip of your index finger.
  • Important! Shelf life — also need to take into account. It is marked on the package and when it expires, contact lenses become unsuitable for further use. Otherwise, it can cause acute inflammation of the eye.

    As reported by ophthalmologists, care for soft contact lenses, if there is no solution, it is also possible, however, prohibited for a quality finish use water or saliva, as increased risk of infection of the organ of vision. You must use special napkins, which are sold in the same stores that lenses.

    Overall, it’s a advantageous purchase, that without the visual and aesthetic defects helps quite a lot to see. Today there are so many different kinds that even the most fastidious buyer will not be able to resist the purchase.

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