Stereo to train your eyes for beginners, challenging for children, puzzles with answers

Vision is the most essential sense organ, and also one of the main sources of unique knowledge about the world and other people. Also without the involvement of the eyes a person may experience the most vivid impressions and observe important moments of his life. However, in modern cities is quite difficult to preserve the eyesight at a proper level, as frequent stress, constant use of technological devices and harmful habits significantly worse. Therefore, in modern medical literature and medical practice of ophthalmology in recent years there are many effective methods to treat all kinds of disorders and prevention of the General condition of the organs of vision.

That represent a stereo to train your eyes?

Стереокартинки для тренировки глаз для начинающих, сложные, для детей, головоломки с ответамиAccording to modern ophthalmologists, stereo for the training of the eyes are such specific images that were generated from the simultaneous combination of the different textures and all sorts of points. Before creating such images a preliminary 3D model of the object, and then chooses a 2D template (background), which at the final stage are combined into one image. Thanks to such principle of creation of stereocarto, in the process view occurs a full three-dimensional image.

Stereo to train the eye, the use of which has been proven in practice many times, is ideal for people who:

  • spend a lot of time on the computer or tablet (computer syndrome);
  • tend to unlimited TV viewing;
  • work or study under conditions of considerable stress on the eye muscles (reading, writing, etc.).

The benefits of regular browsing stereocarto to train your eyes

Highly qualified ophthalmologists who are committed to improve eyesight the natural methods claim that the correct view special stereocarto to train your eyes is able to play such a role:

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  • Contribute to proper relaxation of the eyes and relieve eye fatigue for a long time.
  • Significantly reduce all kinds of eye muscle spasms.
  • Improve the ability to accommodate and help to preserve the natural visual acuity.
  • Increases motor activity of the eye muscles, thereby enhancing the blood supply to the eyes, and the receipt by him of oxygen, nutrients.
  • Develop imagination, fantasy and help to spend your free time.Стереокартинки для тренировки глаз для начинающих, сложные, для детей, головоломки с ответами
  • Thus, a five-minute preview of stereocarto a day would be enough for each person to significantly improve and prevent the condition of the organs of vision. Also people who spend a lot of time at the computer, experts advise to install the stereo image as Wallpaper for your desktop, or on the Internet stereo to train your eyes to watch online, to be able to train in every spare moment.

    The main types of stereocarto for training view

    In medical literature there is no clear and uniform classification of stereo images to prevent disorders and exercise of vision, so they differ mainly in purpose and features easy. Стереокартинки для тренировки глаз для начинающих, сложные, для детей, головоломки с ответами

    There are main types of stereocarto:

    • depending on the level of preparation of the patient: stereo for eye training for beginners and experienced people (differ by the number of objects involved and the colors);
    • given the age characteristics of patients: the stereo image to train the eye for adults and children (take into consideration the peculiarities of development of the organs of vision in childhood);
    • depending on the complexity of constructing the image: the stereo image to train the eye complex and simple;
    • according to the principle view stereo to train your eyes with the answers stereo for training the eye of the puzzle and stereo to train your eyes moving, etc.
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    How to review stereo images for eye training

    Стереокартинки для тренировки глаз для начинающих, сложные, для детей, головоломки с ответамиFor proper viewing stereocarto any difficulty every person will definitely require some advance preparation. However, according to modern medical research, 5% of people around the world basically not able to consider such an image.

    There are two basic ways suitable for viewing training stereocarto:

  • Parallel method. For a start, the stereo image for training the eye, a photo of which can be easily found on the Internet, should be placed exactly opposite the eye level. The patient needs to look directly at the picture, but your vision it needs to focus for him, with the result that both eyes will look in parallel relative to each other. In order to see three-dimensional image, you need to defocus your eyes and try to look through the eyes at different points of the picture. The basis of this method lies in the gradual distancing from the image without change of focus of view.
  • The crossover method. To see a three-dimensional image, it is necessary to focus your vision on a certain point, which is located between the eyes and picture. You must concentrate the mind on a specific point directly in front of the picture and to move away from her at arm’s length. After that, you should place your index finger between your eyes and picture the approximate distance 20 cm from the tip of the nose. Then you should try to ensure that the finger and the object was seen equally sharply.
  • To learn to see stereo you can with this video:

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    Thus, viewing of stereo images for training view is one of the effective ways of treatment of various diseases, prevention and significant improvement in the overall condition of the organs of vision. However, to view them is to familiarize yourself with the basic ways how you can see the represented object, and regularly repeated training.