Sunglasses for drivers anti glare sanatamaria — photos, price, reviews

The profession of driver almost always involves prolonged stay on the road, and no matter what at this time weather conditions. This necessitates the use of sunglasses, and in this case we are not talking about ordinary products, and special lenses with anti-glare effect. They preserve eyes from strain, and allow you to see clearly even under bright lights or during intense daylight.

Sunglasses for drivers anti glare may be used at dusk or at elevated nebula. Their special coating allows to reduce the intensity of light of headlights of the counter number. The driver will not have narrow eyes whenever going to meet a different transport, which is very important to control the situation on the track. Also the special lenses allow you to minimize the load on visual organs and to reduce the pressure inside them, to reduce the harmful effects on the retina.

How to choose anti-glare sunglasses for drivers?

Choose the product you need, following not only its appearance but also functionality.

Очки для водителей антибликовые сонцезащитные - фото, цена, отзывыHere are a few criteria for the right choice:

  • dark lenses will provide your eyes the maximum level of protection from intense sunlight, artificial light from lamps, glare and increase the clarity of sight in the mist;
  • brown glass is used when driving in winter, during rain and fog in high humidity, protect the eyes from UV rays and allow you to clearly see in the twilight;
  • yellow color also protects against the negative effects of the sun, reduce the brightness of the reflection of light on the snow, you can use them in any weather and at any time of the day. Although the degree of protection from them is smaller than the first and second option, they do an excellent job with their functions.
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To find the right sunglasses for drivers anti glare, photo offers look at Internet sites, in catalogues and shops of optics. High demand, for example, glasses for drivers Polaroid. It is clear that such point of sale should be specialized and have certificates for their products. Otherwise the purchase is disappointing at best, but at worst can cause harm.

Important! Choosing such points, refer to the, in some cases they are needed most. Then pay attention to the frame design.

Anti-glare glasses for drivers: product reviews and price

Очки для водителей антибликовые сонцезащитные - фото, цена, отзывыNow you can buy almost everywhere sunglasses for drivers anti glare, their price is in the range of 1,000 – 2,000 rubles, depending on the quality of the material and manufacturer. Different options can be found on the layouts, or made to order in optics. However, the experts suggest to prefer specialized shops, where you will provide quality certified product.

Often people with to save money buying jewelry it is on the layouts in the metro or in the street, and it is fundamentally wrong. Reviews these buyers testify to the fact that mismatched or mismatched optical data options, can not protect the eyes fully. Poor quality optics only exacerbates the situation, allowing all negative factors to affect the organs of vision in the same way as in ordinary life.

The effect of these lenses is that the reflections are just not recorded by the eye, their eliminates coating. Special stimuli are light blue, which are able to blind the person behind the wheel; it was these rays are able to absorb anti-reflective lenses. After passing them through a glass eye captures only safe yellow spectrum.

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Очки для водителей антибликовые сонцезащитные - фото, цена, отзывыBecause glare is often the cause of loss of control and, as a consequence, leads to a crash, such a property of lenses is very valuable for drivers of motor vehicles. Their use allows to precisely control the situation on the roads at any time of the year and at any time of the day.

The driver, who is often behind the wheel, you just need to choose sunglasses that protect them from the effects of glare. Customer reviews and expert advice suggests that to pick up the lens is only in specialized points of sales, it will allow you to purchase a quality product, which fully cope with its functions. These glasses can be used in any weather, when snow, rain, fog, bright sunlight and even wear during twilight. At this time, they will prevent blinding of person oncoming headlights and allow you to safely drive the vehicle.