Sunglasses trainers ASIST is a portable led — apply, reviews

The number of people with vision problem in the modern computerization will only increase, therefore, ophthalmologists are constantly developing optical devices to improve vision quality. One of the latest achievements are notorious sunglasses ASIST trainers reviews, which cause many disputes and bickering.

The characteristic features and main principles of action

Очки тренажеры Асист портативные на светодиодах - применение, отзывы Based therapeutic effect is that optical devices for flash lights, search therapy, that is, in sequence flashing LEDs. This programmed system, not a chaotic movement, that it just improves the acuity of vision, removes excess visual load, provides a relaxing effect.

Testimonials claim that it is the improved model points Pankov, but producers disagree. Competition is always a competition, but a positive trend of eye diseases will be, and in a relatively short period of time, but with regular wear.

But what is the secret? Numerous clinical studies have proven that blue, red and green color (monochrome) at the optimum frequency of flashing activates neuronal mechanisms of visual perception.

Important! This method is successful only in those cases where points ASIST trainers are part of a well-chosen treatment.

How these points can be learned from the following video:

Indications and limitations

Buying portable glasses-ASIST trainers, you also need to consult with an ophthalmologist. The fact that this optical device is not only beneficial for the visual system, significantly improving visual acuity, but also has contraindications. Violation of rules may lead to serious health problems which could be avoided.

Очки тренажеры Асист портативные на светодиодах - применение, отзывыSo, recommended portable glasses simulators ASIST LEDs with the following diagnoses:

  • spasm of accommodation;
  • «computer disease» of the eye;
  • presbyopia;
  • age-related degeneration of the retina;
  • amblyopia;
  • myopia;
  • pathological changes of the optic nerve.

It is also worth to remind you about preventive action of this optical device, which can always be applied in order to maintain the excellent sharpness of vision, to prevent serious problems of the optical system at different ages. With the purpose of prevention and treatment are also perforating glasses simulators, but their principle of operation is quite different.

As for medical restrictions, then the official contraindications for regular wear are the following pathological condition of the patient:

  • mental disorders;
  • diseases of the eye in a stage of relapse;
  • inflammation of the eye;
  • pregnancy;
  • cancer.

To ensure the safety of your purchase, you want to consult with your ophthalmologist and then start intensive treatment quality prevention.

Feedback about the application

Очки тренажеры Асист портативные на светодиодах - применение, отзывыToday, many patients with vision problem personally know what a portable glasses-ASIST trainers. Reviews of products for the most part positive, but the share of indignation and discontent among some buyers still present.

Most of the patients who wore this optical device in accordance with the instructions, reported that the sharpness of vision increased immediately, and at first did not leave alone an unpleasant feeling of discomfort from the flashing diodes. Soon, however, as alarming discomfort quietly disappeared, and all the images began to appear in clear and saturated, delighting the patients and their physicians.

However, there are opponents of this innovative method of vision correction. The fact that such patients are confident that these progressive sunglasses absolutely meaningless and unnecessary, and wear them in public areas to attract increased interest, to cause confusion of others.

In fact, doctors strongly recommend not to complex and not so seriously to perceive your looks in those sunglasses, because excellent vision of the surrounding world is the primary task you want in whatever was to solve. As practice shows, the change is evident, and it is very important that the prescribed treatment has actually helped many patients of different age categories.

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