Sunglasses with diopters for vision — selection rules, price

How to match sunglasses and the desire vision correction? This issue is of concern to almost all patients by the ophthalmologist at the approach of the summer season. Indeed, there is a problem, because I want not only to see and distinguish objects, but also to protect the retina of the eye, the lens from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. How to do it?

An alternative was found, and it is called sunglasses with prescription lenses that can be purchased at any center for optics after prior consultation of the ophthalmologist. What is this optical device is, what its benefits – these are the questions you should obtain reliable answers.

Main advantages

Солнцезащитные очки с диоптриями для зрения - правила выбора, ценаMany patients ophthalmologist have already purchased the sunglasses with a diopter, and was pleased with my choice. The fact that such progressive models protect the eyes from the sun and allow you to clearly see any image. This is especially true when going to the beach when you want to protect your eyes from UV radiation, but also to relax on the shore reading a favorite book, and photophobia.

In addition, commercially available models for navigation that preserve visual acuity even under water, while performing its main function – protective. It is also worth to remind about the sporting options that removed restrictions on vision, previously hindering their favorite sport.

Such purchase may be of interest to motorists, because the sun glasses allow you to clearly see and assess the situation on the road, not worry about solar flares, which are known to cause short-term blinding. Very comfortable and glasses-chameleons, which react to UV light and fade in and clears themselves depending on the brightness of the light. So this is a very important acquisition in the modern society and rhythm of life.

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Selection rules

Солнцезащитные очки с диоптриями для зрения - правила выбора, ценаIf you are interested in sunglasses for vision, the first thing you want to see an ophthalmologist and undergo a vision screening to determine the most appropriate size diopters. After this, written out a prescription you can buy exactly the model, which will perfectly cope with its functions in a particular case.

It is also important not to forget about the rules that will help to get the model most suitable for all options:

The quality of the lenses. When buying optical instrument, the patient will have a fitting that will allow you to determine the most suitable model. Wearing regular glasses, the patient must clearly see the world, and the pictures must not lose their colors to be distorted and blurred. This may indicate that the quality of glass is poor.

Protective layer. On corrective lenses must be anti-glare and sun protection coating, rejects the influence of ultraviolet rays, glare short. No special spraying evidence of defective products, and the purchase is to abstain.

Important! We must remember that the vision correction is the most important purpose of such a purchase, so you need to follow the advice of an ophthalmologist and choose high-quality glasses.

Choice corrective lenses. Despite the huge range of plastic models, it is best to buy glass. The fact that the plastic is easily deformed, broken and scratched, so this purchase will be short-lived. Although the large worldwide renowned brands offer products of high quality plastic, resistant to damage. Only the price of the product may well «bite».

Солнцезащитные очки с диоптриями для зрения - правила выбора, ценаRim. Here we are talking about the preferences of the patient, but important to make sure that the temples don’t put pressure on the whisky and did not provoke irritation to the skin, were definitely rubber, not fall off the face. But the formers for the nose it is advisable to choose from high quality silicone, to avoid irritation, scratches on the skin.

The design and style. Modern models complement any given style, so this nuance of problems and hitches arise certainly should not. There is also the possibility to buy a optical device for individual orders, but will have to wait his readiness a few days.

If you need sunglasses to view, that the price of such devices will be individual. All depends on the quality of the eyeglasses and corrective lenses, the manufacturer, the individual wishes of the patient ophthalmologist.

Importantly, when you purchase a progressive model it is desirable to pay attention to all of the above criteria, then the points will last more than one season, maintaining its flawless appearance, integrity, and properties.