Surgery to remove cataracts — types, contraindications, complications, price, reviews, videos

If you are diagnosed with cataracts doctors strongly recommend to perform basic surgery that in 90% of all clinical pictures markedly improves the quality of vision, returns the joy of life, significantly reduces the number of visits to the ophthalmologist. As a rule, cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, it does not require long-term rehabilitation.

The choice of the doctor and the patient

Операция по удалению катаракты - виды, противопоказания, осложнения, цена, отзывы, видеоIf required typical surgery, then the options in production technology are only two – phacoemulsification (cataract laser) and ultrasound, the rehabilitation period after which is not more than a week. Depending on the form and stage of the disease qualified professionals provide:

Phacoemulsification cataracts – procedure, where as a reliable anaesthetic used special eye drops, and through the small hole on the surface of the eye, the surgeon inserts the probe. This way is aspiration of the lens fragments and the production of artificial implant from high quality materials. Bandages and sutures in such a clinical picture is not superimposed, and a noticeable improvement in the clarity of vision evident already after a couple of days.

Операция по удалению катаракты - виды, противопоказания, осложнения, цена, отзывы, видеоExtracapsular cataract extraction is appropriate for those patients in whom the above method is not able to remove the affected lens. It is therefore required to perform large incisions, through which to remove the lens fragments and put in its place artificial. For effective pain relief use of local anaesthetic, and after completion of the procedure and sutured require rehabilitation within 7 – 10 days.

With intracapsular cataract extraction the lens is removed together with the capsule, and in its place is installed the same implant of sensitive materials. Rehabilitation does not take much time, but the procedure requires a high professionalism of ophthalmologist – surgeon, otherwise there may be serious health problems.

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The cost of cataract surgery in each individual case, but to base the choice must not on existing rates, and individual recommendations of the doctor, the testimony, the nature and extent of neglect pathology.

Important! In public health facilities of Russia is possible and free cataract operation, but this is done only on the insurance and using the most modern methods and materials.

Limitations to surgical intervention

If you need cataract surgery, contraindications it is important to take into account, since ignoring them can only make the problem worse and significantly worsen the overall condition.

Операция по удалению катаракты - виды, противопоказания, осложнения, цена, отзывы, видеоAmong the significant limitations it is necessary to highlight the following evaluation criteria:

  • malignant tumors of the optical system;
  • the age of 18;
  • for an infectious or inflammatory process in the body.

All other patients did not prohibit the cataract operation, the more noticeable the changes will be obvious within a week. Typically, such surgical intervention is not accompanied by complications and a sharp deterioration in vision, but to really feel the therapeutic effect, required to comply with the basic rules that are recommended to the patient during the rehabilitation period.


  • avoid abrupt bends and turns of the head;
  • to refrain from the sudden drop in temperature, atmospheric pressure;
  • do not RUB sore eyes, though artificial lenses the first time can be pretty itchy;
  • do not abuse alcohol;
  • to sleep on the healthy side;
  • to refrain from driving vehicles;
  • the first week do not wash, so that the eye does not penetrate the portions of soap and water;
  • to avoid the increased visual load;
  • regularly use sunglasses;
  • eat wholesome meals, avoiding snacking in fast food.
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As a rule, such daily actions is enough time for the patient soon felt the joy of a clear view, took off his glasses with corrective lenses. However, in some clinical pictures won’t just disappear previously performed cataract surgery.

Операция по удалению катаракты - виды, противопоказания, осложнения, цена, отзывы, видеоComplications presented below, and they significantly reduce the quality of life of the patient:

  • astigmatism stable form;
  • intraocular hemorrhage, inflammation;
  • secondary glaucoma;
  • increased risk of infection;
  • inflammation of the tissues of the macula.

If progress of such anomalies is required urgently to respond to the problem, make an appointment to ophthalmologist, to accurately determine the etiology of the pathological process and methods of its effective treatment. Surface self-treatment is dangerous because it can lead the patient towards a final blindness, disability.

The issue price

If you need cataract surgery, what is the price of this procedure? In General, you can count on free conduct of all surgical procedures in the city hospital or the district hospital, but many patients in the name of their health prefer to operate only on a commercial basis. So the rates in this issue are particularly relevant.

Операция по удалению катаракты - виды, противопоказания, осложнения, цена, отзывы, видеоThe prices are different and depend on the reputation of the clinic, the services provided, qualifications and professionalism of the surgeon, the quality of materials used, characteristics of the rehabilitation period.

For such surgical treatment it is advisable not to save the family budget, because their own health is much more expensive. Starts the price range with a starting value of 25 000 rubles, and the upper limit sometimes just sky-high and up to 150 000. Of course, the list of services that corresponds to that numerical value, is very large, but here the patient makes a choice in favor of your health strictly individually, listening to the recommendations of a physician.

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If you want to know what constitutes one or the other cataract surgery video procedure it is possible to always find the net, to see and to understand are that such sacrifices and risk their own vision. Of course, the characteristic information does not facilitate the procedure and its potential complications, but the patient will know exactly what to expect in a short time, what to fear, how to avoid relapse. Nervous patients best not to look.

In the following video and are the cataract operation:

When is surgery indicated for cataract, reviews also need to carefully study, the more experienced patients can give some practical, helpful tips and recommendations. They tend to have a positive content, because a week appeared past visual acuity, returning the joy of life, clarity of vision.