Surgery vision correction laser, contraindications, price, reviews, videos

Such eye surgery as vision correction, was first performed in the mid 80-ies of the last century, the famous physician. But surgery vision correction S. N. Fyodorov. (it was the name of a famous ophthalmologist) had several significant shortcomings. Modern methods allow to reduce the risks of complications and recovery time after the surgery to a minimum.

Surgery for vision correction.

Although vision correction by laser is done quite quickly and simply and is not classified as highly complex, it has its contraindications. They are absolute and relative.

Операция по коррекции зрения лазерная - противопоказания, цена, отзывы, видеоCompletely prohibits this procedure in the following cases:

  • the development of autoimmune diseases;
  • disease complicating the healing processes;
  • various immunodeficiency States;
  • too thin cornea;
  • glaucoma;
  • cataract;
  • myopia that progresses;
  • thinning of the cornea that occurs gradually;
  • the availability of only one functioning of the visual organ;
  • if performed before surgery for retinal detachment.

As regards relative contraindications to this treatment method, they are as follows:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the period of gestation of the child;
  • lactation;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • of mental illness, triggered by internal reasons;
  • acute or chronic diseases of lacrimal ducts;
  • scars on cornea.

Surgery vision correction can be appointed only after examination of the patient by the optometrist, but after a comprehensive examination. This is due to the fact that contraindications to its conduct may be discovered by different specialists.

Important! In the presence of relative contraindications, only the ophthalmologist will be able to make a decision, you can adjust the sight with this method or not.

Surgery for vision correction: price, reviews

Операция по коррекции зрения лазерная - противопоказания, цена, отзывы, видеоTo answer the question «How much is the surgery vision correction laser?» clearly and definitely not. Prices for this service range from 16 to 55, 000, depending on the techniques of manipulation and from a medical facility.

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On average you can say about such numbers:

  • LASIK from 20 to 28 000 rubles
  • FEMTO– 45 – 52 000 rubles.

Although the effectiveness of such interventions as surgery for vision correction is very high, its cost can also be considered high. However, many patients indicate that they saved a lot of money on contact lenses, solutions and glasses, making a one-time operation. Therefore, people vision returned, very pleased with the results of this treatment and these patients quite a lot.

The following video provides detailed information about surgery for laser vision correction:

Rehabilitation after surgery for vision correction

Операция по коррекции зрения лазерная - противопоказания, цена, отзывы, видеоAfter surgery laser vision correction, the person needs rehabilitation. Modern technologies allow to reduce this period to a minimum. First you need to stay in the medical centre under observation for a few hours, this time is necessary for the examination by an ophthalmologist to make sure that the layers of the cornea to properly lie down. On the same day the patient can return home.

The inspections that are required after treatment performed after 1, 3, 7 days after two weeks and after 1,5 months. All visits to the ophthalmologist are needed to monitor the process of recovery of visual function. For several days after the procedure you can use special drops against infection, but they can be prescribed only by your doctor. Effective eye drops in the supine position, when you hold both eyelids. While you need to drip into the lower body of the conjunctiva, pushing the lower eyelid. See if you need digging up.

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With regard to rehabilitation in the first days, in this time is to avoid rubbing the eyes. Unable to stand the tears, they are easy blot with a tissue, but in no case do not RUB. And try for the first days to avoid any contact with for centuries.

During the day when the operation is carried out, you can take painkillers, consultation with a doctor. It is also possible to receive sedatives. Try to sleep at night on the back, so your face doesn’t touch the pillow or eliminates pressure on them.

Операция по коррекции зрения лазерная - противопоказания, цена, отзывы, видеоWhen you take a bath, make sure that the shampoo or soap does not hit the cornea. During the first weeks after the intervention the forbidden pool, baths, saunas and open reservoirs. An invalid is getting dirty water on the mucous membrane of the visual organs.

If you have made laser vision correction after the surgery for about a month not to engage in hazardous sports such as skating, dancing, skiing and weight lifting. You can’t use aerosols which can get on the cornea and use decorative cosmetics. You must protect your eyes with sunglasses when you go out, it will prevent the ingress of dust and exposure to the sun. Be sure to pass all the checkups, take care of eyes and do not drink alcohol throughout the period of rehabilitation, it will provide rapid restoration of visual functions and prevent undesired consequences.

Existing contraindications create some limitations to the laser restoration of visual function. Should undergo a complete examination by several specialists before making this procedure. In General, the operation is safe, and if you fulfill all the requirements of a physician, the rehabilitation period passes quickly and the vision returns and allows you to live a full life.