Surgical methods of vision correction such as photos, videos, price, reviews

Today the problem worsened vision became very relevant. She touched more than 30% people of the total population of the earth. To fight disease, it was invented many ways to correct it, they include and surgery of the visual organs.

Surgical methods of vision correction, the video of which can be found in the network, have their varieties, depending on what area of the visual organ they affect.

Surgery on the cornea

Excimer laser correction is the most common method of treatment. It promises high efficiency of procedures and stable result. With laser restores the full function of the cornea, which gives the opportunity to see normally.

Хирургические методы коррекции зрения - фото, видео, цена, отзывыThe procedure may involve different surgical methods of vision correction, the price of which ranges from 20 000 to 80 000 rubles. It PRK, LASEK, LASIK, SUPER LASIK. Modern technologies allow to make correction under local anesthesia and release of patient home after a few hours after exposure.

Keratomalacia is dosed destruction of the stroma, which allows you to change the shape of the cornea and remove its curvature. It is usually used in the development of astigmatism and hypertrophy. Possible complications such as excessive scarring, hypocorrection or induced astigmatism.

Corneal implants – these are surgical methods for vision correction photos will find them on the website that span the Central area of the cornea and make it easier. Implants is a plastic washer, put them in the middle layers of the cornea. The indication for such intervention is myopia. The advantage of manipulation is that its effect is reversible, and the disadvantage is that the presence of a foreign body within the eyeball.

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Technique keratotomy is that the specialist makes incisions outside the optical zone of the cornea. As a result, the Central area is flattened, and the elasticity of the frame is reduced. This may decrease the overall strength of the cornea, although optical zone intact remains.

Important! Any surgery has its indications and contraindications, so that intervention can be prescribed after a thorough examination.

From the following video you can learn how is the surgical correction of vision:

Intraocular surgery

Хирургические методы коррекции зрения - фото, видео, цена, отзывыSuch intervention involves replacement of clouded lens artificial its artificial counterpart. To do this, use intraocular lens. This device is able to increase and restore the normal visual function, to ensure the compatibility of the material of which it is made from eye tissue throughout life. The lens itself is flexible, ductile and easily falls into its place.

These lenses are manufactured from polymeric synthetic materials, they are not rejected by the body and therefore can be used throughout life. If earlier for these purposes used rigid lenses to which it was necessary to make a wide incision, today the intervention is less traumatic. Set a small lens, which cuts 2 or 3 mm.

If you choose the right lens it replaces the lens and allows you to cure the following ailments:

  • farsightedness;
  • myopia;
  • the astigmatism.

The lens may have the form of a monofocal, multifocal, aspheric or toric be. Only ophthalmologist on the basis of the survey can pick up a suitable option. To do this, it determines the degree and nature of the disorder.


Хирургические методы коррекции зрения - фото, видео, цена, отзывыThis operation is relevant in the case when myopia develops, which is associated with the increase of the eyeball. If throughout the year the disease progresses to 1 or 1.5 diopters, scleroplasty is necessary. It is performed as an outpatient and the procedure takes 15 minutes. Perhaps even a combination of such correction with other types of intervention.

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At this time, injections of biological substances eyeball. These substances may be silicone, nylon, Dacron, collagen or mersilene. The sclera thickens, forming a kind of brace. It is new fabric that holds the Apple, preventing it from further increase. After some time in this tissue grow blood vessels, and it allows the eye to receive more oxygen and nutrients than he received before surgery. It should be noted that in some cases, may even conduct skleroplastic and children.

Modern surgical methods of vision correction and to collect feedback from experts and from patients is positive. Of course, there are cases of complications or side effects, but it depends on individual factors and in General, such complexity can be treated and corrected. People can regain their eyesight and dispense glasses and lenses. Of course, the cost of these procedures a lot, but if you calculate the cost of solutions and contact lenses, few years, this amount pays for itself. A joy to see and is priceless, which is why more people trust the solution of such problems to specialists in vision correction.