Tattoo on the eyeball — what is it (where, what, photo, video)

Tattoo on the eyeball – a new fashion trend, identified himself several years ago in the United States. Tattoo artist with a resounding nickname Luna Cobra painted the whites of their eyes blue. As this experiment proved successful, a new coloring of his body at first was supported by dozens, and then hundreds of fans total tattoo.Татуировка на глазном яблоке - что это такое (где делают, какие возможны последствия, фото, видео)

Let eye paint in blue color

By itself the color of the whites of the eyes called tattoo is quite difficult. In order to change the color of the protein, produced by the injection of the colorant in the ocular sclera. After that, the paint eventually spreads under the sclera, painting the eyes in a new color.

From extravagant fashion salon tattoo this innovation migrated to the American criminal environment. Tattoo on the eyeball became fashionable among prisoners in us prisons. Thus, they emphasized their fierce appearance, as well as demonstrating affiliation to a particular gang.Татуировка на глазном яблоке - что это такое (где делают, какие возможны последствия, фото, видео)

After several scandalous TV show dedicated to this topic, tattoo eyes went to the «people», getting into new social strata. For coloring the eyes typically use black, blue, blue, green and several shades of red. Tattoo done on one eye and two at once.

Usually, making such a tattoo, people strive to impress, to create a mystical image and change their appearance.

From a medical point of view

About being nice or not, look tattoo on the eyeball, photos and video will speak louder than words, and opinions about this. But from the point of view of health, a new trend is very risky.

Important! Daring to take this step, you need to understand that the tattoo on the eye towards it, making it once, you cannot get rid of it or change the color.

To date, there is no paint that is certified for use as an injection in the eye. Every tattoo artist pours into the eyes that he sees fit. In the end, the ophthalmologists found in the eyes of their patients and toner for inkjet printer, and automotive enamel.Татуировка на глазном яблоке - что это такое (где делают, какие возможны последствия, фото, видео)

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One of the possible reactions to such injections can be infection or allergic reaction, in both cases, vision loss is the usual outcome. Therefore, even venturing on such an operation, you need to carefully choose the master and tattoo parlor.

However, even if the paint was not given of direct complications, photophobia, increased lacrimation, and headaches are the most common side effects.

Important! Especially dangerous is the combination of tattoos and contact lenses. This combination can lead to serious complications, and blindness is one of them.

Tattoo on the eyeball — quite simple and quick process, but before deciding on it, you need to weigh the pros and cons, to analyze the effects of both psychological and physical, and only then make the decision.

For that, you should view the following video: