Technology restore vision Norbekova, Roy Bates and Shichko, Zhdanov (exercises, reviews)

Modern ophthalmology is dominated by the progressive techniques of restoration of vision with myopia and other diseases, which is very positive. Defines a method of vision correction narrow specialist individually for each clinical picture, but with strict observance of all medical recommendations can once again see the world bright, saturated.

Despite the variety of progressive techniques, the result is the most popular among them, because they were able to save a huge number of patients from progressive blindness and its accompanying disability.

The unique technique norbekova

Техники восстановления зрения по Норбекову, Рой, Бейтсу и Шичко, Жданову (упражнения, отзывы)The implementation of this technology eyesight recovery is impossible without a positive attitude and cheerfulness, otherwise the effectiveness of the proposed treatment scheme is reduced to zero. This means that it is very important to believe in positive result, that is to remember that thoughts are material.

The essence of the method consists in the following: facial muscles are directly connected with the emotional state of the patient, so medical action is the so-called «muscular corset», presented straight back, smile, straightened his shoulders. However, one positive is not enough, although he must act as a motivation, it is recommended to perform a set of exercises that sharpen visual acuity.

To perform the proposed exercises are recommended daily, spending on this activity the order of 30 – 40 minutes. The place does not matter, the main thing – good mood, the quality of movements.


  • Stand up straight, look at one point, and then perform translational and rotational eye movements, for example, looking from side to side, top to bottom, and counter-clockwise.
  • To focus vision on the tip of your index finger, then bring it to his nose. Eyes should follow the finger, which then gradually should be given to the parties.
  • At a distance of 25 cm from each other to attach the glass the two marks, then to train the muscles of the fundus, glancing from one brand to the other and back.
  • First relax your eyes, and then for 1 minute intensively blinking. To perform minute break, and then resume the exercise of the second minute.
  • Close your eyes and just think about the good, to remember the pleasant moments of your life.
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    As practice shows, this progressive technique really works, in particular, strengthens the muscles of the fundus, significantly improves the quality of vision.

    The following video demonstrates how to perform the exercises according to the method norbekova:

    Effective methods of Marilyn Roy

    The author of the program «training for the eyes» Marilyn Roy is confident that the heart and the eyes need the same rules of life. For example, to strengthen and improve their work is capable of avoiding harmful habits, moderate cardio, proper nutrition, proper rest, intense vitamin therapy, fresh air, sport.

    If the vision quality already leaves much to be desired, there are a few simple rules that will help him to recover in a relatively short time.


  • Close eyes hands and remain stationary for several minutes. In ophthalmology, this technique is called «palming», and have tangible popularity.
  • When reading and working with computer is necessary every 10 minutes to transfer your gaze and focus it on distant objects. It is important to clarify what the far focus is relaxed.
  • Stand straight, arms bent at the elbows fixed at the waist. To execute the rhythmic turns of the head, each time focusing your eyes on new subjects.
  • To open the window during the day, to peer into the distance for 5 minutes. Bright light allows you to change the dull atmosphere, thereby activates the muscles of the fundus.
  • To hang in the room table and regularly to be tested for quality of view, changing the distance from the letters.
  • Focusing his eyes on the squares of different sizes, to remove, to zoom the image.
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    The basis of this methodology – the black squares of various sizes and configurations, and for use in vision correction, you need to buy the book Marilyn Roy. As shown by extensive practice, this technique really works and has already saved the vision is not one hundred patients ophthalmologist.

    Important! Whatever the technique, the most important is the regular and precise execution of the exercises. Only in this case we can expect improvements.

    Rare Bates method and Shichko

    American ophthalmologist Bates 100 years ago opened a new method of vision correction without glasses or additional drugs. It is based on the performance of the certain exercises that train individual muscle groups face, and strengthen the fundus. However for all time of its existence, the technique was widespread only in America, and domestic ophthalmologists rarely use it. It’s very strange, because many print publications translated into the Russian language, but, nevertheless, was not adapted to Russian patients.

    Техники восстановления зрения по Норбекову, Рой, Бейтсу и Шичко, Жданову (упражнения, отзывы)The method involves a complete rejection of points: a man should strive to consider remote close objects. Thus, he effectively train the appropriate muscle groups, improves vision. Not the last role in his theory plays a exercise called «palming», which is an integral component of effective treatment is the complete relaxation of the eyes.

    A follower of Bates was the least talented scientist Shichko, which somewhat improved the methodology of its American predecessor. He also believes that to restore vision without glasses and medicines, but only through the natural processes of the body that must be trained.

    Shichko encourages all patients to keep a journal every night to record the results of his own observations. Life, according to his methodology consists of harmful and useful habits, that’s just the first you want to completely withdraw from everyday life. In addition, it is important to find answers to the questions in your mind, to strive for self-realization.

    Important! The technique of recovery, the person can choose on their own, but constantly monitoring the state of view from a qualified specialist is still needed.

    Effective method of Zhdanov

    The method of Zhdanov proves that people can recover their eyesight without using glasses. If Bates and Shichko paid more attention to the theory and spiritual side of the problem, Zhdanov developed a real training facility that is able to restore the quality of vision without glasses extra socks, intensive conservative therapy.

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    Anyway, the problem of poor vision can be solved, but the methodology still needs to be chartered individually for each clinical case. This is due to the diversity of diagnoses, the specifics of the organism and the prevailing stage of the disease.