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For anybody not a secret that modern children have a lot of free time spend in front of screens. This can be a TV, and an exciting animated feature, the tablet and the next shooter, or a computer with the latest version of the beloved strategy. Even in mobile search and view the desired information is noticeably delayed.Зарядка для глаз для детей - упражнения, картинки, фото, видео

According to statistics, eye diseases every year «younger», and in the risk group includes not only school-age children, but also savvy preschoolers. To protect the eyesight of her child, every mother needs to take the simple rules of prevention, save the children’s vision acuity as long as possible. It is therefore important eye exercise for children to perform which is recommended daily.

Use child charge for eyes

When a parent understands how useful eye exercise for kids video which can always be viewed on the network online, making these exercises an integral part of your usual daily routine of their child.

To once again convince as affect the eye such a simple movement should focus on the following points:

  • Charging removes increased eye fatigue, returns clarity of vision.
  • Charging trains all the muscles of the eye to prevent farsightedness, nearsightedness.
  • Charging restores in the shortest possible time weakened visual function.
  • Charging for the eyes in pictures is the best way to Wake up, to vivacity for the whole day.
  • Charging cleans extremely unpleasant eye strain.Зарядка для глаз для детей - упражнения, картинки, фото, видео
  • That is why children, adults ophthalmologists strongly recommend daily exercises that takes a little bit of free time, but brings enormous benefits to the organs of vision and their perfect health.

    A basic set of preventive exercises for children

    Today, there are a huge number of techniques that allow without surgical intervention in the shortest possible time to restore the visual acuity to permanently cure a number of eye diseases. Defines the set of exercises attending physician based on the nature of the disease, but to fix his attention necessarily is on preventive exercises that support the vision, not only in childhood but also in adulthood.

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  • It is recommended that every 20 minutes the screen has to do a little break, and to do this within 30 seconds of intense blinking without stopping, then stop, close your eyes, not open them for 20 seconds. It is desirable to perform three sets of this exercise, then fatigue as a hand lift.
  • You need 5 seconds with eyes tightly shut, and then lift your eyelids to keep your eyes on the horizon. To watch continuously for 20 seconds, then again to close his eyelids. Repeat the exercise 5 times it is necessary and adults 8 – 12 times.
  • It is very helpful to relax the tension of the eye in circular movements of the eyeballs. A number of approaches in this case is not regulated, but it is desirable that the child often returned to this is not complicated, and for many – a funny exercise.
  • Ophthalmologists highly recommend this basic training complex at the monitor every 20 minutes of fascinating viewing. It is also important not to forget that pre-school children spend at the screen should be no more than 3 hours. This applies to TV, computer, other mobile gadgets, as known, always at hand.Зарядка для глаз для детей - упражнения, картинки, фото, видео

    Therapeutic exercises for the eyes in children

    If the child’s sight has already been planted, in addition to intensive medical therapy the doctor recommends medical training complex for eyes, which will accelerate the healing process, and improve visual acuity in the shortest possible time.

    It is recommended to carry out exercises at home, and for this purpose it is desirable to choose the most comfortable position, be sure to turn off the TV.

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  • To take the situation lying down and perform rolls from side to side for complete relaxation of the stress after an active day. These movements allow unhindered access of oxygen to the body.
  • Narrow eyes and mouth: on a deep exhale, open your mouth, and with it the eye. This movement improves blood circulation, intraocular fluid. It is desirable to repeat the sum 5 times, after which you can proceed to the next.
  • His eyes shut with all the force of the eyes, lift the eyelids and slow blinking them for 15 seconds. Such a move restores visual acuity. You need to repeat it another 5 times.
  • Close your eyes and vividly draw in space the letters of the alphabet. When it’s your turn, «I», the visual system will be most relaxed and tuned in a working mood.
  • If you raise up and down eyebrows, while moving behind the ear space, this simple way you can improve eye blood circulation, maintain visual acuity as long as possible.
  • To understand how to correctly perform this eye exercise children online video demonstrates carrying out this important and useful training complex. By the way, it is possible to carry out without additional expert advice – harm is definitely not bears, but significantly improves the quality of vision at any age.

    You can also offer the kid charging in the following video:

    Children’s eye exercise

    It is proposed to the attention of parents fun eye exercise for children – «Pictures with 10 differences». This is a fun exercise that involves two seemingly identical drawings. The child’s task is to find the figures differences, and it is advisable to do at the time. It can be the smallest elements which are evident only after a careful study of images.Зарядка для глаз для детей - упражнения, картинки, фото, видео

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    This eye exercise for kids in the form of photos and drawings can also be found in the Internet or in special literature, it is not only useful for vision, but also becomes a fun pastime for young kids. Anyway, doctors strongly recommend to follow the child’s vision to prevent exacerbation of chronic eye diseases.