The selection of glasses in myopia — how to do it

Myopia is a very unpleasant diagnosis that an ophthalmologist can deliver even in early childhood. The patient can not distinguish distant objects, whereas close to see the image accurately and clearly. The disease is prone to chronicity and requires the patient to wear optical devices for restoring planted of view, the courses undergo conservative physical therapy. It is therefore important to know how to choose glasses for myopia right.

The degree of myopia

Подбор очков при миопии - как правильно это сделатьBefore you make a selection of glasses in myopia, it is necessary to recall the features of this disease.

There are three degrees of myopia:

  • weak – to 3 diopters;
  • average – up to 6 diopters;
  • high – from 6 to 30 diopter.

Based on these indicators, performed the correct selection of glasses in case of myopia that will help to temporarily stabilize the visual acuity (socks), and also participates in the positive dynamics of the disease.

The basic rules for choosing

Before you pick up glasses in case of myopia, it is necessary to personally come to the reception to the ophthalmologist, to be diagnosed, to determine the most recent data of visual acuity in a particular case. According to the results of the narrow specialist will individually make up a recipe, and then send to the nearest center for optics. It is important to note that such specialized centers for the sale of the ophthalmic devices also contain the state of the ophthalmologist, who will help right choose, will assess the feasibility of a purchase.

Подбор очков при миопии - как правильно это сделатьIt is important to pay attention to the frame, which may be metal and plastic to choose from. In the first case, points may appear hard and very traumatic and careless movements, and the second – convenient and practical, especially because the modern plastic does not cause redness, irritation of the skin. But, of course, plastic glasses break much faster, so there certainly will not prevent the attention. The plastic frame is very wide, so use it preferably in the heavier form of the disease, whereas a thin metal arms are a great option for mild and moderate myopia. Models without frames will fit patients with low myopia.

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When answering the question of how to choose glasses for vision at a myopia, it is important to remember proper choice of glasses (corrective vision lenses). Plastic lenses are durable, thick, ideal in medium, mild myopia. The high-index lenses are light, thin, a variant with a high degree of myopia; but the polycarbonate models are a great solution when unexpressed myopia.

Important! Depending on the degree of myopia gets not only the value of the dioptres, but the frame and lens material.

As for the main criteria of evaluation, it is important to remember a number of advantages, which is typical of glasses for myopia:

  • thickening of the lens occurs at the edges and in the center it slim and lightweight;
  • glasses have improved impact resistance, while offering the buyer a huge choice of models;
  • the main material of manufacture – mineral glass;
  • the high index of refraction of the light rays;
  • comfort and durability to wear.

To pick out the most suitable model is a snap, especially because they range in the free market is striking in its diversity.

Basic rules socks

To wear glasses with myopia need as prescribed by your doctor. Constantly or only when you perform certain actions — no matter how important, to fully implement these recommendations, as sunglasses are not just help to see better, they also have a therapeutic effect. In any case, you cannot refuse to wear glasses, citing the deterioration in the appearance and psychological discomfort. In such cases it is necessary either to pick a fashion model points corresponding to the type of person, or you can go to the contact vision correction.

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In addition, the glasses after a certain period of time can be replaced by a more strong or weak, so the doctor will have to attend regularly for examination and obtain a new prescription for glasses.