The treatment of astigmatism by laser in adults — how it is done (method of execution, reviews)

Astigmatism is a defect of visual function, which interferes with the shape of the cornea or crystalline lens. This prevents people normally perceive the image. Wearing glasses cannot fully correct vision, therefore, the disease can progress.

How to treat astigmatism, to avoid complications, such as strabismus or sudden loss of vision? Required laser vision correction. Without it, the disease will progress, the patient will begin to manifest headaches and pain in the eyes.

Laser correction of astigmatism

If you put this diagnosis, it is necessary to know how to treat astigmatism of the eye, and how to prepare for surgery. Today the laser is the most effective method of treatment. It is a safe procedure that is undertaken with the help of modern technology, and the patient is able to move normally.

Лечение астигматизма лазером у взрослых - как это делается (метод проведения, отзывы)Before performing the intervention, it is necessary to organize a full examination of the patient. Examined the whole body and the visual system in particular. This is necessary in order to rule out contraindications and to determine the exact diagnosis.

During the operation, the laser acts on the cornea of vision organ, and not its optical environment. From this form it is changed that enables normal eyes to focus and restore normal vision. This technique is used only in relation to people from 18 to 45 years because how to treat astigmatism in adults with the laser, unlike children. The children are shown wearing glasses, lenses, and alternative correction methods (physiotherapy and the like).

The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes, the laser affects the eye no more than 40 seconds. As for anesthesia, it is drugs local action. Used the anesthetic solution, which is well tolerated by patients.

Important! One begins to see normally immediately after the intervention. But we need to get through the recovery period which takes a little time and requires some restrictions.

The operation is performed in one-day mode, and it does not require hospitalization. Full normalization of visual function occurs by the end of the first week. The risk of complications is minimal, not found cases of vision loss after treatment by this method or deterioration.

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How does the vision correction with astigmatism, you can learn from the following video:

Laser correction of astigmatism: patient testimonials

Judging by the reviews of patients eye clinics, the treatment of astigmatism laser has the following advantages:

  • safety and reliability procedures;
  • speed of execution;
  • wide range of effects;
  • painless correction;
  • ambulatory implementation;
  • the predictability of the effect;
  • short recovery period;
  • the stability of the result.

Лечение астигматизма лазером у взрослых - как это делается (метод проведения, отзывы)This method is used by ophthalmologists since 1985, he has proved popular and is very safe. The procedure allows to achieve excellent results and fully restore visual function. It is carried out not only for the treatment of astigmatism, but is able to save the patient from hyperopia and myopia.

The process of laser exposure takes a little time, and is a short recovery period. In addition, the painlessness of the intervention allows the use of local anesthetics without General anesthesia. To go to the hospital is not necessary, because the operation is carried out in one day and a few hours patients can leave a medical facility, being only for the scheduled checkups throughout the recovery period.

Monitoring of patients who have undergone this surgery shows that they normally see in the future, because the interference does not cause deterioration of vision, almost does not cause side effects. More than 80 thousand people have managed to get rid of this disease thanks to modern technology. And, although this procedure is not cheap, it remains a very popular and effective in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases. Read more about the cost of such operations can be found here.

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If the patient has the diagnosis of «astigmatism» how to cure the disease, will be known only after examination. Often for this purpose is laser surgery, which gives excellent results. Patients can painlessly and in a short period to regain normal vision without risk to health. Practice has proved the effectiveness of this surgical treatment, the reliability and durability of the obtained results, as well as its safety.