Tint contact lenses: vision soft — reviews, price, photos

Tint contact lenses, photo which you can find on the Internet are products which have a cosmetic effect and at the same time, if necessary, corrective vision. They are intended for owners of light eyes, that is for those people who have the pigmentation of the iris is present in small quantity. Color data of optical devices helps to darken the iris, increasing, thus, its hue.

The use of coloring options for dark eyes often produces undue effect. Pigment coloring is pigmentation of the optic body, making the color unnatural. That is why such products are used only to emphasize their natural color.

Tint contact lenses: reviews, price

Оттеночные контактные линзы: для зрения, мягкие - отзывы, цена, фотоAre contact lenses different types, including can be found and soft. Reviews of specialists and users attest to the complete safety of such optics when you follow some rules:

  • proper care;
  • the use of the goods during the period of its suitability;
  • adhering to socks.

According to the regulations of the different options that are available today, their shelf life can be 1 day or 1 year. Day products cost the people more, but they don’t require care every day, you can use a fresh pair. Besides it is very convenient if you need vision correction and just use the color enhancement of the eye to accentuate the image.

Cheaper lens having a long period of use, but if you don’t need them every day, then buying them is impractical. Planned replacement can be made after 1 week or 1 year. They often use precisely those people who are suffering impairment.

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Important! If your vision is poor, to choose the suitable contact lenses for vision only with the help of a doctor. Only a specialist will determine the degree of visual impairment, especially of your eyes and advise a suitable option.

For diagnosis and the selection of lenses you can contact the clinic to an ophthalmologist or to find a service in the salons of optics, many of which have such specialists. Before buying, you will be given the opportunity to try a few and you will be able to assess your appearance and visual acuity.

No matter what kind of products you have purchased, they all require hands-on care. For this product be removed at night and placed in a special container with disinfecting solution.

Exactly how change eye color contact lenses, you can see from the following video:

Tips for wearing

Оттеночные контактные линзы: для зрения, мягкие - отзывы, цена, фотоTo avoid any problems using contact optical devices should observe the following rules of use:

  • products need daily cleaning, so you should observe good personal hygiene when donning and removal, as well as clear them with the help of special tools. Always wash your hands before any manipulation;
  • tint lenses is purely individual remedy, so you can’t use the wrong couple or to give to wear someone;
  • if you wear makeup, it is done after they are installed. If you want to use a hairspray, such a tool is always applied prior to installation of the products;
  • solution for cleansing, as are a pair, selects only specialist. Wrong tool can damage the coating, making it muddy;
  • the solution in the container varies regularly.
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Decorative optical devices can influence the quality perceived by the user, so you should not drive in their car or use them too often unnecessarily. But if the purchase is made you for the first time, ask the specialist to tell in detail about caring for this product.

Tint contact lenses eyes can enhance their natural color. Radically change the color of the iris, or her drawing, they can not, therefore, use these products only people with light eyes, and to achieve the desired effect on dark eyes will not work. For this you need to choose colored lenses. Products are different and they all require proper care of themselves. Must adhere to the wearing times and watch out for expiration dates in order for their use was safe.