Toric contact lenses — purpose, types, selection, price

Toric contact lens adapted to be worn in the following diseases:

  • congenital astigmatism of 0.75 diopter to 3.0 diopter;
  • with acquired astigmatism;
  • with cataract;
  • in diseases and injuries of the cornea.

Astigmatism is a congenital, rarely acquired eye disease in which there is no so-called focal point. The causes of the disease: in most cases it is heredity.

To 0.5 diopters of astigmatism is considered physiologic and does not require special treatment or correction. However, the figures above that the values that should inspire fear, as it not only affects the quality of vision, but can lead to such complication as cataract partial or complete opacity of the lens of the eye.

Note that astigmatism often manifests itself with age as in his younger years he kompensiruet good opportunities of view.

What is the difference between astigmatic lenses?

Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, цена

Traditional treatment of astigmatism and correction of symptoms is made by means of points. However toric products can be considered as an innovative replacement of the old method.

Toric lenses, popularly called «astigmatic contact lenses», have a Sphero-cylindrical form and greater thickness compared with conventional lenses for correction of sight.

They have unequal refractive power of eye axes. Thickening the bottom of the fixture (at least the top one) is made to a lens held in a given position, without shifting when blinking or turning the head of the patient.

Read more about the benefits of toric lenses can be found in video:

How is the selection of lenses with astigmatism?

Selection toric lenses be difficult. So with this question you should consult an ophthalmologist who will conduct a thorough diagnosis of view.

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The doctor prescribes them based on:

  • the age of the patient;
  • kind of operation;
  • the lifestyle of the patient;
  • common indicators of vision.

Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, цена

In the end, the doctor indicates the curvature radius and diopter, as well as information about the cylinder and degrees. After that you will be able to produce a quality selection of toric contact lenses.

Composition toric options

Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, ценаIn composition they differ on hydrogel and silicone hydrogel. The main difference is in how they pass oxygen to the cornea. In hydrogel devices oxygen to the cornea coming through the water. Here is a simple formula that the more the optics of the water, the more oxygen flows to the cornea. However, when a large amount of water lens worse keeps its shape therefore hydrogel products is contraindicated to sleep.

Why were they invented silicone hydrogel companions, the air which passes through the silicone component, without affecting the quality of the form. Therefore, they can not only sleep, but also to stay in them for a few days. Such extended-wear data options has become a real boon for people, activity or lifestyle which requires a longer time high-quality view.

In addition to the main functions – the prevention of disease and vision correction, these lenses also have an aesthetic function, as there are colored toric lenses. They provide an opportunity to change the natural eye color on the opposite (from blue to brown and Vice versa), or lighten the existing shade. This makes colored astigmatic lenses quite popular among the population.Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, цена

These products for vision correction also differ in the duration of wear. There are one-day and monthly (planned replacement lenses).

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Buy disposable toric contact lenses in Moscow as in other cities, you can many opticians in the specialized Internet stores.

Toric contact lenses: price question

Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, ценаPrice category toric lenses vary in wide aisles and mostly depends on the manufacturer. From the same producer price hydrogel options will be somewhat cheaper than its innovative silicone hydrogel counterpart.

You should also note that toric lenses the price depends on the number of lenses in the package and terms of wear. So in one pack can be as 2, and 6 lenses. Time wear most often represented by categories: 2 weeks and 1 month, although there are exceptions.

Toric contact lenses: patient testimonials

Ophthalmologists, examining the views of the majority of the patients (as a foreign practice, and in the territory of Russia), came to the conclusion that wearing a toric contact lens with astigmatism up to 3 diopters gives the best results vision correction than wearing glasses.

Best toric lenses: here, the user opinions were divided. Some prefer silicone hydrogel options, relying on the duration of their wear. Others prefer hydrogel, noting the painful transition to their silicone counterpart. Note, however, that such tenderness of otmechaetsya a short period and passes quickly. The primary patients who immediately began to use silicone hydrogel corrective means, such pain is not observed.Торические контактные линзы - назначение, типы, подбор, цена

Thus, feedback from toric lenses give every reason to conclude that the wearing of these options to maximally corrects the patient’s vision and, subject to any rules of wearing is completely safe for his health, because currently widely used in ophthalmology when astigmatism child.

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For children wearing astigmatic lenses is advantageous before by wearing glasses, because does not restrict the motional freedom of the child patient. It is important to teach the child to use according corrective vision tool and follow the rules of basic hygiene.

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