Tropicamide eye drops: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Tropicamide ophthalmic is a tool that allows you to expand the pupil. Used in the therapy of inflammatory eye diseases, for the diagnosis of these diseases and in surgical intervention on the organ of vision.

Pharmacological action

Тропикамид глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe main component of the drug is Tropicamide related to m-holinoblokatorov. Thanks to this substance blocks the receptors in the ciliary body and the iris, causing the pupil dilates for a while. The effect occurs already after 5 — 10 minutes after instillation of the funds, and retained it for 4 — 6 hours. After this time the pupil returns to its normal shape.

The drug in small quantities is absorbed into the bloodstream, which can lead to the development of side effects.

The composition and form of issue

Produced product in the form of drops for eyes, the solution of which may be a 0.5% or 1 %. Drops are in a bottle whose volume is 10 ml. a Major component of drops is Tropicamide, and sub – benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, disodium edetate dihydrate, hydrochloric acid, water.

Indications for use

The tool is used for:

  • detection of eye diseases;
  • the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the organ of vision.

Also the tool is used before surgical operations on the eyes.

Method of application

Тропикамид глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиIn order to expand the pupil, need to be instilled 1 drop of 1% solution or 2 drops of a 0.5% solution. If necessary, you can re-instillation procedure 10-15 minutes later.

For treatment using a 0.5% solution drops, which is buried up to 6 times a day. Such a solution is used for the treatment of eye diseases in children below 6 years of age.

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Backfilling is best done before bedtime. After instillation it is necessary to press the inner corner of the eye to reduce the absorption of the drug into the systemic circulation and to prevent side effects of the drug.


You cannot use the tool if:

  • hypersensitivity to its components;
  • the presence of glaucoma;
  • intraocular hypertension.

Caution should use the drug for pregnant and lactating women, infants and the elderly.

Side effects

Тропикамид глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиDuring use Tropicamide may develop such side effects:

  • increased secretion of tears;
  • discomfort in the eye;
  • conjunctival redness;
  • temporary blindness;
  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • fear of light.

You may also experience pain in the head, weakness, nausea, may feel dizzy or increase the heartbeat.


When using the drug in higher doses than recommended by your doctor or while taking it in may develop these symptoms:

  • the manifestation of allergic reactions;
  • fear of light;
  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • blindness;
  • pain in the head;
  • palpitations;
  • dryness in the mouth;
  • the occurrence of seizures;
  • dryness of skin and mucous membranes;
  • nervous agitation.

Also, when the excessive excess doses paralysis of respiration and coma. Treatment of overdose if the drug was ingested, reduced to the gastric lavage and the adoption of activated carbon. In the resulting convulsions diazepam is used.

Interaction with other drugs

To reduce the effect of this tool can blockers, and enhance benzodiazepine, anticholinergics, MAO inhibitors, anti-Allergy. Use Tropicamide along with nitrites, nitrates, haloperidol and corticosteroids can cause increased pressure within the eye.

Special instructions

Тропикамид глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиBefore burying this drug should be removed lenses that you can put them back on 15 minutes later. During treatment, the drops should refrain from driving a car or operate machinery requiring attention. This is due to the fact that when using the drug there is a drop in visual acuity.

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Before using Tropicamide need to determine whether the patient has glaucoma, so as to apply in this case, these drops will be impossible.


Alina, 27 years

«I drop Tropicamide doctor wrote a prescription with myopia of a weak degree. Effect of the drug is not long, only for a couple of hours. After instillation is not possible to read, watch TV and drive a car. The drops are cheap, so prolicide a week they can».

Eugene, 34 years

«I buried this remedy for fatigue and pain in the eyes. From my own experience I would say that to apply better at night, because the drops relax the eye muscles. When dripping this drug into the eye, it is tingling, which is not very nice. But in the morning the eyes feel good».


Similar to this drug are:

  • Mydrum;
  • Mydriacyl;
  • Mediation-Stolen PU;
  • Erythrin;
  • Atropine.

To replace these drops for a similar tool should ophthalmologist. Doing it yourself is not recommended.


The cost for the drug at pharmacies in Russia varies in the range from 65 to 90 rubles.