Visine eye drops, Allergy: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Visine, Allergy is an ophthalmic remedy that effectively inhibits the development of allergic reactions. The main indication for its use is an allergic blepharitis and conjunctivitis.

The composition and form of issue

Визин Алерджи глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe main active component of the drug visine, Allergy is a blocker of histamine receptors (levokabastin). It suppresses the development of allergic inflammation, inhibiting the transmission of biological impulses at the level of target cells. Besides, there are additional components in the composition of the drug, without which long-term storage of this tool is not possible.

The drug is available in the form of eye drops, which are Packed in plastic bottles. The volume of one vial is 4 ml.

Method of application

The use of this drug is made according to the following rules:

  • once needs to be instilled one drop in each eye, since the process is usually bilateral;
  • frequency of use during the day is 2 fold, as half-life period is relatively large;
  • the duration of treatment is determined by the presence and severity of clinical symptoms and must be approved by your ophthalmologist.


Визин Алерджи глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe main contraindications to the use of Visine, Allergy are:

  • hypersensitivity to this drug;
  • children under the age of 12;
  • the use of contact lenses;
  • pregnancy;
  • feeding the child breast milk;
  • marked insufficiency of kidney function as possible the absorption of the drug and its excretion in the urine.

Side effects

In some cases may develop side effects that are sometimes the reason for the cancellation of Visine, Allergy. The most common of them is considered to be the following:

  • burning sensation and itching, which occurs after backfilling;
  • blurred vision, which soon shall;
  • allergic reactions;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • his swelling.
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Special instructions

Special instructions, which are accounted for in the treatment of Visina, Allergy, improve the efficiency of its use and to avoid development of adverse reactions. So you should perform the following recommendations:

  • removing contact lenses, especially soft to avoid them clouding;
  • with simultaneous use with other ophthalmic drugs stand the interval of 20 minutes between the instillation;
  • during treatment should refrain from driving and performing activities that require clear vision and high concentration.
  • Reviews

    Reviews about this drug are positive. Here is what one of the buyers: «Never allergies not passed on eyes, and suddenly began a wild itching and burning, and her husband had to run to the pharmacy. He was given visine, Allergy, said the most effective, though pricey. Dripped quite a bit, and after 10 minutes it was all over. The red eye was gone in about 20 minutes, no more. Now wear always with you, the tube is small, fits nicely in the bag. A couple of times he repeated this story with the eyes, but now always drops dripping, and the symptoms go away immediately. Importantly, use very convenient, even at the most inopportune moment, you can quickly drip into the eyes and be calm.»


    Визин Алерджи глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThe analogues have, as a rule, different chemical composition, but also have anti-allergic effect. There are certain indications for replacement, Visine Allergy other drug counterparts. The latter include:

    • A good cough medicine;
    • Lekrolin;
    • Allergodil;
    • Patanol and others.


    The price of the drug visine, Allergy ranges from 200 to 300 rubles. For antiallergic drugs is the average price that is available to most patients. It varies depending on the pharmacies which sell it.

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