Vision correction by implantation of lenses — indications, contraindications, reviews, price

With astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia in advanced stages the patient needs vision correction. Some cases require a special approach and then it is a progressive method of implantation of the lenses. This procedure is indicated if you can’t perform laser and excimer laser correction, sensitivity of the organism and some other factors.

Features of the procedure

If the natural ability of accommodation has not yet finally lost, ophthalmologists recommend to use correction acuity vision it intraocular lenses, which are another innovative achievement. The crystalline lens is not removed surgically, but the corrective model is implanted in the eye, increasing the sharpness and contrast of images.

Коррекция зрения имплантацией линз - показания, противопоказания, отзывы, ценаModels come in rear — and Peresechenie, while increasing without additional hospitalization. The procedure itself lasts for a quarter of an hour, and subsequent rehabilitation is not time-consuming, relevant and productive in the home. The choice of model depends on the diagnosed condition, for example, Peresechenie options are perfect with hyperopia and posterior chamber – in the diagnosis of advanced forms of myopia.

The so-called «corrector» is installed between the iris and crystalline lens, while well maintained, does not require additional fasteners, does not cause General discomfort.

Important! Vision correction intraocular lenses is a steady result and increased vigilance for a long period of time, however, carry out such procedure by qualified professionals strictly indicated.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

If you decide to use intraocular lenses, doctors have primarily positive content.

Among the indications is to provide the following diagnoses:

  • thinned cornea of the eye;
  • age 20 – 40 years;
  • dilated pupils;
  • the syndrome of «dry eye»;
  • myopia;
  • astigmatism;
  • farsightedness;
  • the inability of laser correction.

Коррекция зрения имплантацией линз - показания, противопоказания, отзывы, ценаDespite the fact that the procedure is safe enough for on vision, there are certain limitations to its implementation. Not all are allowed intraocular contact lenses.

Contraindications are represented by the following pathological conditions of the body:

  • unstable refraction;
  • glaucoma;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • Fuchs ‘ dystrophy;
  • ocular hypertension;
  • progressive cataracts;
  • extensive destruction of connective tissue;
  • syndrome pigment dispersion;
  • diabetes with insulin;
  • progressive iritis, Revit.

It is also impossible to carry out this procedure, if the inflammatory diseases of the eye prevail in the stages of recurrence. In such clinical pictures you must first wait a period of remission, and then return to its willingness to provide the required sharpness of vision surgically.

Main advantages

If you are interested in intraocular lenses, the cost scares, it’s time to talk about the benefits of this innovative adaptation of the field of ophthalmologists.

Коррекция зрения имплантацией линз - показания, противопоказания, отзывы, ценаThis:

  • vision is restored after a couple of hours after the procedure;
  • excellent vision correction, 100% result;
  • prevention of macular degeneration of the eye;
  • protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • the absence of seams and additional incisions;
  • effective treatment of myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness;
  • the absence of cosmetic defects after surgery;
  • full compatibility with eye tissues;
  • comfort and convenience, the absence of a foreign body in the eye;
  • the preservation of the integrity of the cornea, lens and retina.

Despite the fact that the correction of sharpness of vision this innovative method lasts 15 – 20 minutes, the sharpness and contrast of the picture is secured forever, and the risk of complications is minimal. All these points prove that it is possible to restore sharp images, even in the most advanced clinical pictures. Absolutely no harm to the implantation of intraocular lenses, patient feedback, mostly encouraging, because many people managed to solve global problems with eyes.

More about intraocular lenses expert says in the following video:

The issue price

If the doctor is confident that the necessary vision correction intraocular lenses, price should not be interested in the patient, because at stake is his health. Moreover, one procedure allows for life to regain visual acuity.

When you plan vision correction by implantation of lenses, the transaction price starts from 100 000 rubles, and depends on the optical center and its ratings, qualifications narrow-profile specialist, models of intraocular lenses, the characteristics of the affected organism. In any case, the therapeutic effect is only positive, and complications were not found in extensive ophthalmic practice.

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